Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 129 - Pizza & Presidents

Date: 11/6/12

Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica
Word of the day: Pizza - Pizza
Turtle Fact: Sea Turtle Species - There are 8 distinct sea turtle species that have been identified in the world.

Still awake from the day before ... in the hammock watching Netflix. 5:30am move to my actual bed and sleep until 10am. I am sure I would have slept longer, but luckily Kayla woke me up as this morning we were walking the Pizza Tree! The Pizza Tree is a restaurant in the little town of Javilla, which is more known to me as the town of Hotel Laguna Mar. The seating area for this place is basically situated in a tree house ( or raised platforms in and around a large tree), thus the name. I have always wanted to go here (simply because they make pizza and they have a unique dinning area) but it has been closed for the majority if the time since it is low season (April till December). However since we know the owner, Andreas, we were able to get this place opened for an afternoon of pie munching.

We leave the house 6 strong and start the hour journey walk to the north on the only road to Javilla. Are about at the halfway point when we are picked up by a random vegetable truck and instructed to ride in the back with corn and mature coconuts along with a couple locals. Several minutes later bouncing down the dirt road and balancing my bum on a the edge of wooden plank, we arrive at our destination.

Andreas greets us and we find our spot in the elevated seating area amongst the tall branches. Great view if the surrounding countryside. We are informed that he does nit have anything to drink as at the time he was not stocked with drinks. Some of our party heads next door for some 'to go' soda and beer. By this time we are joined by the girls (4) of Corzalito. We place our orders and catch up with all things turtle and Costa Rica related. Before you know it, my pizza is done. Served in a large wooden board, my personal salami and cheese pizza was calling my name. Because the oven was only so big, our pizzas came out in 2's. Not being shy at all I 'mow down'.

After pizza we retire to Hotel Laguna Mar for some poolside sun while I digest my food. Before you know it its 2pm and a couple of us head back to the house. On the way back, we stop at a local poparea and pick up a little ice cream. A effect way to end our self indulging afternoon.
Siesta. Run. Shower. Dinner (Tortilla soup). Updates to HT.com. Siesta. Patrol.

11pm, all the Germans and I patrol the beach. Its been a hot minute since I have actually patrolled the beach as I have ben busy with hatchery duty. With that said, tonight Kayla and Courtney are sharing the hammock...Anywho - we come across 2 poachers collecting eggs from a turtle as she is nesting. Doing my best to communicate with the poacher, I was able to still tag the turtle and count the eggs he had collected in his satchel. Sure at one point, I wanted to run off with the eggs, but I dint think I could have gotten to the Germans to keep up. Plus, I have seen this local poacher, several times on the beach prior and has always been nice. But still... We continue on and find 2 more tracks that leads to nests with eggs. After confirming the eggs where there, we make a fake nest and make it look like it was poached/had eggs taken. Having watched Dexter on Netflix the last couple days has put me in the correct mindset to cover my tracks and make a false version for the enemy to be convinced otherwise. Mission accomplished.

Yup another night if green waves. We were gong to go swimming in them when we returned from patrol. However do to a little rain at the end of our walk the waves no longer were the bright green they once were.


P.s. ohh yeah - happy election day. Yup I voted thanks to the help of the technology and a great friend!

Lesson: It's never too late!

Food: Salami Pizza. Made with thick cut salami, cheese and thin crust pizza dough. The final result had those small pools of grease, which only Little Ceasers $5 pizza could replicate. So good. Even my stomach agreed, which I had thought to be otherwise!
Animals: Dogs, Birds, crabs, Turtle, spider, ants.

Something I am thankful for: Ice/ice cubes. Can you imagine how many people have never enjoyed the cooling sensation of ice in their drink? Their has to be so many factors going your way just to enjoy something that seems so simple and relative easy to make (depending highly on geographical location and poverty level)
Something I don't want to admit:  This was the first time I voted.... ever. Shame on me. Here is to the rest of my life, having a 'voice'.

Total Nest I have saved: 47
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol:45
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 5102
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 955
Days of Rain: 82/125 evenings Small Sprinkle

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