Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 125 - Green Glow

Date: 11/2/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: mosaico - Mosaic
Turtle Fact: They are cold blooded so they have the ability to slow down their metabolism. As a result they can go several months without food if necessary.

Wake up 5:30am in the hatchery. I walk into the house and continue sleeping in until 10am. I awake from my sleep having very vivid dreams of joining a cult.

Dream: In this dream sequence I was brought into this cult world in which most of my close friends and cousin were already apart of. You were forced to live in this large forest, were tall trees blocked out much of the light to ground which prevented other smaller plants to grow. We all lived in the tops of trees (Peter Pan Style - Robin Williams version). Once a week we would have a party in which we lavish ourselves in good food and luxury. However I was certain that these items were not acquired properly/legally. Weird.

Breakfast (cereal and oats). Rake beach. Clean backyard. Start mosaic.

Now that I have a large supply of small plastic pieces, sorted in various primary colors I am ready to start. I grab a thin piece driftwood, that has some length to it and begin outlining my Mosaic shapes with a pencil. One completed, I start in the center of one of the main areas and work my way outwards to the edges if the piece of wood, gluing small pieces of the same color to make the shapes I had outline. Just like a color by number, I fill in each area with the particular color and move onto the next. Being the first time going through this process, or ever creating a mosaic, I learn quickly what methods work best for fitting pieces together and how to make this process go quickly as possible.

Lunch (personal pizza made with beer bread dough). More mosaic. Readjust hammock. Pickup piles of raked trash on beach. Get sweaty. Enjoy thunderstorm. Shower. Dinner (pasta). Updates to

As the the girls headed out to the hatchery for a night of QT in the hammock, they came back in the house and suggested we go take a look at the waves. This request was most unusual and interested me very much. Upon getting in view of the ocean I. Can instantly see what they were talking about. The waves were glowing. Sure I have seen a little bioluminescence in the tides before, but this was crazy. It was if someone opened up a million glow sticks, dumped them into the ocean and as each wave broke in the ocean, the liquid of the glow sticks so brightly came out of the water and bubbled around for a couple seconds before settling back into the ocean only to pop up again in the next wave. So cool. I tried to capture this with my video camera, but no dice. Ohh well I suppose its just another experience I won't be able to share.

Siesta. Patrol.

1am, I walk north with the Shantal and Julia.  For the most part, nesting season for the Olive Ridley sea turtle is almost over. Since we are not collecting eggs for the hatchery, we still patrol the beach to collect valuable data as were before. However if we see a turtle we go through the motions as would before (measurements of the shell, give her ID tags, note physical conditions) but this time instead of collecting the eggs, we just count them as the turtle lays them. If we are to come across a turtle nest, without the turtle, we are only to verify there is eggs in the nest as we are nit to disturb them from their natural state (too much). So as we walk on our patrol we come up upon a smaller turtle just as she is about to enter the water. As we  grab a few measurements, we notice that there is something shiny on her flipper. Its an ID tag! Looking at the numbers it seems that this turtle was tagged recently, but I am not sure if it was from this beach, or San Miguel. Further investigation through records will determine this. We walk a little farther and find another track. Unfortunately from the distance we can already tell that this nest had been poached. Regardless, we go through the motions and grab the appropriate data.

Sleep (in my own bed - the girls, Courtney and Kayla had hatchery duty tonight)

Lesson: There is many ways to make the same meal, or travel to the destination. Its about the ingredients you use or the road you take.

Food: Beer Bread Pizza. I forget sometimes that dough can be made in so many ways. Using a plethora of spices, and veggies and hot sauce, my personal pizza was a nice treat.

Animals: Dogs, Birds, Lizard, mosquitoes, flies, crabs.

Something I am thankful for: Seeing the big picture.
Something I don't want to admit:  I started watching Dexter on Netflix...

Total Nest I have saved: 45
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol:44
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 5102
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 955
Days of Rain: 81/121


  1. Wish I could have seen the bioluminescence! Denny and I saw it once in the Bahamas and Ali and I saw it in way north. So amazing!