Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 122 - Devil's Night

Date: 10/30/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Diablo - Devil
Turtle Fact: It is believed one method that males use to see who should get to mate with the female is who can raise their neck the highest. The female will choose who she mates with.

Wake up 6am in the hatchery and move inside to finish off a couple more hours of sleep. Breakfast (cereal, oatmeal and banana).

I get right into the chores in the morning and dig out more holes in the hatchery left over from some exhumations done earlier this morning by the females. As I move the buckets of sand out of the hatchery, I notice considerably how much hotter the sand keeps getting. Had I not been digging y last hole out, I would have had to go inside the house to get my Sandals, Yeah the sand gets that hot in the morning (sometimes).

Updates to HT.com. Find, sift and sort sal plastic pieces on the beach. Lunch (leftovers).

Find sift and sort more plastic pieces on the beach. I really have a good system down for this! I have a small tin can in which I initially soup a small piece of plastic (ranging from a quarter the size of a dime) to pieces as big as my hand). Granted I am still picking up the larger pieces I come across, however these just won't get used for my creative purposes. After placing the contents of the tin can in a much l larger bucket, I continue the process until my arm goes numb from holding the large bucket as each small tin full adds up. I then head to a shady place in the middle of the yard, and filter my findings through the several layers of box screens. I had put together a couple days back. I go through each screen sorting each piece of plastic into various colors and placing these in groups within individual zip lock bags. So much work is required to gather these "art supplies", but I am sure it will all pay off in the end.

Getting thirsty and anxious to try out the new sharpened machete brought back to me yesterday, I easily slice open coconuts with one swing. Both Leo (TMNT) and Prince Adam (He-Man) would have been proud of me. #80sreferencetocartoons. While my machete sword was flying so swift through the air I decided to give the backyard Coconut trees a little hair in the area where the branches were too low. After cutting several of the palm fronds, I was inspired to make play around with some above water basket weaving techniques using a whole branch, rather than singular leaves weaved together. Success. I will let creative juices marinate on this idea until I can decide on something cool to make.

Now that the sun as started to set the gaggle of us head to hatchery to do a little work. We keep busy for an hour or so and enjoy a picturesque sunset as we move buckets of sand, and go through turtle eggs on the beach. Dinner (Italian stir fry).

Hatchery. Hammock. Netflix. Sleep.

Title of Todays Blog: Devils Night - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devil's_Night

Lesson: Costa Ricans like their knives sharp.

Food: Sausage Stir Fry. Set up like Mongolian BBQ , the girls set up all the fixing on the counter and we were instructed to make our own bowls, in which they would cook. Awesome concept.

Animals: Crabs, dogs, Mosquitos, Birds

Something I am thankful for:  Creativeness. Seeing some of value in everything around me, regardless the value or potential others might not see.
Something I don't want to admit: I think my chocolate kick is back. Granted its a day away from Halloween, I found myself sneaking into my own personal stash.

Total Nest I have saved: 45
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol:44
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 5102
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 955
Days of Rain: 79/118

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