Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 120 - Gone Fishing

Date: 10/28/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: puesta del sol - sunset
Turtle Fact: If you look closely, you will see that they all have eyelids that offer them protection from the sunlight for their eyes. They are able to see very well in the water but not on land. They are also color blind.

7:30 am wake up in hatchery. Not like you needed to know but several times throughout the night I had to use the little boys room. However upset I was at the fact I had to unzip and athletically remove myself from my bug net and hammock while still half asleep, I was excited to finish marking my territory along the perimeter of the hatchery.

I head inside and prepare to make some french toast. I learn that a key to successfully making french toast is to add nutmeg and cinnamon to the top of each slice if bread, while cooking on the pan. Indeed this was proven to be true. Thanks Courtney's family for sharing the family secret.

This morning ingrid stops by for a visit and the girls go to hang out at a neighbors pool. To pass some time, I get in a little cleaning kick and mop down some of our floors that definitely needed some tlc. Lunch - rice and asian sauces.

A couple days ago the Pacific ocean dropped of a nice size able log on our beach. Keeping up with our cleanlyness, this wood not be here for log. I grab the trusty ax and start hacking away, perhaps relieving some natural tension. A couple blisters later, and leaden with sweat I complete a sizeable chunk of the chopping for one day. I jump in the ocean to cool off where I am treated by Santos. This Tico local has been a big advocate if Pretoma and has been a big help with patrolling with one if the girls from time to time. However today e was going to teach me how to on-shore fish!

He brings a an extra set of fishing reel coiled up in a plastic ring. In the end of it there is a Norma, fishing hook followed by a sizeable lead weight. He hands me the unit and hooks a crawfish like creature. Letting out a couple feet of line, he swings the line above his head like a lasso several times and throws it it in front of him in between the breaking waves. Keeping in mind we are sitting in 2 feet of water already the line reaches about 30 ft in front of us. Now that the line has been casted, my left hand is holding the reel and the right is holding the fishing line with my finger tips feeling for any movement on the line.

After several line casting and re-baiting - due to fish eating it and being whipped off where casting to violently, I feel a jerk on the line. Using a method I saw from one of the little kids earlier fishing, I run up the shore winding the line as I go. I definitely have something on the end of my hook. Before you know it, I see a fish break through the water. Woooo I can fish! After taking the hook out of the mouth, I look over this mall/medium fish (species unknown) and place it in a side of a log, in the shade, on the beach. Ten minutes later after rebaiting I catch another. This time its a large Corbina (similar to white sea bass). I will certainly be getting some nice fillets out if these!

After using up the rest of the bait, Santos uses a small fish he caught earlier and uses that as bait live bait. He sticks the hook, near the end of the tail and let's out lots if line so it can swim away. He explains that a small fish catches much larger fish than the bait we were using previously. After watching him for 30 mins and catching nothing, he gives up and releases the little fish back to the ocean. I hope to do mire fishing in the future. I just need to learn where he found his bait at...

With my two fish in hand, I clean, cut, flour, fry and eat them. So good, so fresh.

I readjust the hammock straps for tonight and prepare my GoPro for an awesome sunset.

Shave. Shower. Dinner (sweet and sour Asian chicken).

Hammock. Netflix. Sleep.

Lesson: The best things in life are free ($). However everything has a cost (time, love, energy)

Food: fried fish. Using some all purpose flour mixed with heavy seasonings, I fried pieces in hot oil.

Animals: Dogs, crabs, birds, fish, lizards

Something I am thankful for:  Fishing. So simple, all you need it time, line and some bait.
Something I don't want to admit: I had hard time carrying the live fish. I know your supposed to carry them by the gills, but swear they were hitting me from the inside of their mouth. Needless to say I dropped them several times in the sand trying to transport them (while alive).


Total Nest I have saved: 45
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol:44
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 5102
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 955
Days of Rain: 78/116

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