Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 119 - Leave it to Weaver

Date: 10/27/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day:
Turtle Fact: It is a myth that all turtles can tuck their heads into their shells. All land turtles can but not sea turtles. .

7am wake up from 9 hours if straight sleep. No tossing and turning, no going to the bathroom in the middle if the night - just sleep. This morning Julia and I head out to the beach bright and early. The night before she had mentioned she wanted to cook clams for dinner and wanted to go pick some. Because the tide was perfect at 9am (2 hours after low tide) we set out with a plastic bag and a hardened plastic piece I had found in the beach a couple days prior. As soon as we walk onto the beach when we see a family of 7 or so geared up for the same thing. Ohh man talk about awkward! So we approach them and say hello as they are directly in front of us already searching and digging for clams. To give them much space we walk 6 sectors to the south (600 meters) and start our searching for clams there. Being in a party of 7 vs the two of us, there were certainly able to cover a majority of the beach, rather than the 10 ft radius we were searching within. By the time we had gotten 3 more sectors down, they had caught UK to us. At this point in time time our bag was fairly full, but we were not satisfied. So we turn around to walk back and walk much lower in the beach. Along this strip we are able too find more clams that just happened to be larger in size to score.

By the time we get back to the house, Julia cleans the clams as instructed and ,gets them sit in a fresh water bath with a couple table spoons of salt. Meanwhile, Courtney had made us Banana Bread for breakfast. Yum.

Now that we are approaching Halloween and our costa rican pumpkins are finally dry from the paint, I clean up a bit of the paint dribble and move them to the front if our house for the community to see. After moving around a little dirt to make them stand upright, we are all set. Next on the decorations list is a scarecrow. Seeing that no one wanted to donate a shirt, in fear it would get stolen or damaged, I decide to make a pinch for it using coconut palm fronds. Remembering back in my Boy Scout days and a little bit of crafty common sense, I am able to come up with a decent size patch of woven palms to my surprise.

Lunch (leftover soup, salad and bread that Kayla made). Afterwords I continue on with making the scare crow. I dig a large thick bamboo stick into the ground. I nail some smaller pieces of bamboo as legs and a shoulder, which I then tie on arms to. I use some extra latex gloves in the house as hands and blow them up to their shape. Next the head. I walk next door and grab one if the larger yellow/orange coconuts I find in a garbage pile. After a little carving and placement on the head, we are all complete!

Play in ocean. Try to siesta. Fill hatchery holes with sand. Shower. Dinner.

The Germans had made another meal for us. Tonight they made a garlic oil pasta wth clams. Simple and tasty. After cleaning up dinner I head to the hatchery for a night of guarding the hatchery via my hammock and bug net. With clear skies about me, I remove the tarp and enjoy the clear sky as the moonlight was so strong that it casted a shadow on everything it touch. So beautiful. After finishing up the series of Breaking Bad on netflix, I get some sleep. a

Lesson: If your heart is not is not into it, don't do it or just wait till you have a change if heart.

Food: Clams and spaghetti with oil garlic seasoning.

Animals: crabs, birds, mosquitos

Something I am thankful for: 
Starry Nights. Its great when the clouds can part leave the skies open to interpretation. Something I don't want to admit:

The pumpkin head I made for the scarecrow was not up to par of my standards.

Total Nest I have saved: 45
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol:44
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 5102
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 955
Days of Rain: 77/115

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