Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 118 - 1/2 Birthday

Date: 10/26/12
Location: Costa de Oro and Jicaral, Costa Rica

Word of the day: cumpleaños - birthday
Turtle Fact: It is often hard to differentiate between male and female sea turtles due to the similarities in size. The way you can identify them is that males have a long tail as this is where the reproductive organs are located.

Wake up 6am. I walk into the kitchen and notice our new friends Mark and Steven preparing their stuff and getting ready to leave. We say our goodbyes and I escort them out the door. This morning I am being picked up and taken to Jicaral with the Pretoma gang (Lotti, Sandra, Iska) to help out with the food and supplies shopping. I get picked up by Eric's father (whom I call Popeye secretively), whom is the designated Pretoma vehicle driver and we stop by everyone's casa to pick them up. Before you know it, we five are in the Pretoma pickup and driving through the country side to Jicaral. Traveling over small bridges, flooded rivers and several pot holes, we make our way and drive 45 minutes to the city. Passing by teak farms, small villages and rice fields, you really get a feel for low key living. Love it.

Once we make it into town, I am reminded what a "real city" is like. Being Friday morning, they have an open air fruit and vegetable market where you can by items at much discount rate when compared to the local grocery stores. Lotti had mentioned that the reason we left so early from Coyote, was to make sure we had a first selection of the food. We pull into the market and pass through a gated fence. We walk down an aisle and either side of use are long tables filled with vegetables and fruits. On the other side of these tables are the workers, who weigh the food and collect the money, much like it is in the states. After hand picking the a BUNCH of fresh goodies for our project site (along with the 3 others) we pay the amigo helping us and depart to a couple of others stores in town. The most important of these other stores is Pali. Owned by Walmart, these stores have all the mainstream packaged grocery items. We essentially grab a shopping cart per project site and go down each aisle loading the basket with all the essential staple food items. I felt like I was shopping with my parents at Costco, trying to sneak in the "goods". However knowing this is a different situation, I ask before setting in a non-normal item with of course a set of puppy dog eyes. Yup, I still got it (it worked most the time)

One of the other stores we stop at is Musmanni. I was sent to this store for Courtney and Kayla to get them some regular and cheese loaf breads. When we arrive, their showcase of breads was COMPLETELY empty. Apparently the power had gone out this morning and the store was unable to bake their morning bread. Sorry ladies.

With the bed of the pickup completely loaded, we head back to Coyote and first stop at the office to divvy up the goods amongst the 4 project sites. After all is sorted I get dropped off back at the house and walk in like Santa, which large white sacks thrown over my shoulder with the items we just bought!

Being great at organization and all things with food, I go through the fridge and freezer, making room and tossing (minimal) items we did not use and/or have gone bad. We are all stocked up and ready to go!

Today just happens to be the halfway mark to my birthday (April 26). It just so also happens to be my day off as well. Yup, that means no patrol for me tonight!

I fill the rest of my afternoon with a siesta and playing in the sand with the mesh sifters I had created yesterday. Interestingly enough, there was as much as small pieces of driftwood as there was small pieces of plastic. More to come on this project later.

Shower. Updates to Visit from Lotti and Eric. They stop over with their daughter Sofie and go for a little swim on the nicely landscaped (clean) beach on front/back of the house. Once they leave we enjoy a meal cooked by the Germans. Tonight they made us Weinerschnitzel. I have always heard about this meal and made fun of this funny sounding dish. Granted this was supposed to be made using steak or pork chops, ground beef would have to do in out situation.

After dinner I catch up a little more on my and discover that my HelpingTurtles HQ staff are hard at work promoting my cause by selling patches at a Halloween party they are attending. I never would have thought in life, I would see a pink  elephant adorned with my HT Badge/Patch. Great work Team. Thanks!

Right before bed I celebrate my half birthday with myself by enjoying a Trits icecream I had been saving for such an occasion. MMM. They never last that long in or freezer.


Lesson: When you save a little, you can spend a little. A smile can go a long way

Food: Wienerschnitzel - usually a breaded deep fried piece of meat, with noodles, potatoes and a gravy of sorts. Today it was prepared using ground beef patties.

Animals: Dogs, Birds, Cows, Bulls, Horses, Cats, Goats

Something I am thankful for: Celebrating with yourself. Sometimes you just have to enjoy a party for one.
Something I don't want to admit:  I went to bed at 10pm on my night off.... It felt so wrong, but a 9 hour SOLID nap had to be sooo right.

Total Nest I have saved: 45
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol:44
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 5102
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 955
Days of Rain: 77/113

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