Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 114 - Claim Your Clams

Date: 10/22/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica
Word of the day: German - Alemàn
Turtle fact: turtle babies are cute

Wake up at 4am and go on patrol. I bike the entire beach only to find a dead male turtle in the north. This turtle seems to be freshly deceased as the entire body was still intact and only parts of the body was bloated. On the way back home I come up with the idea to collect collect clams (for lunch) so I after dropping off the bike and patrol backpack, I start walking to the south with a plastic bag. For whatever reason I could not find clams for the life of me. OK a little over dramatic as I did find a handful of them, but not certainly as much as I had initially thought.

Back at the house, I rinse the clams, and soak them in fresh water with a couple tablespoons of salt. I continue to make breakfast (oatmeal), which none of the girls end up eating because they did not like it generally (new fact for me) and work on some updates.
A little before lunch Lotti arrives with a set if new German volunteers and a little bit of fresh veggies. While they are getting settled in why catch up on all things Pretoma related and find out we only have a week left of putting babies in the hatchery for this season. This is due tot he fact that we need to have all of the hatchlings out of the hatchery by the time our project closes in Mid December, keeling in mind the eggs take about 8 weeks to hatch.
After Lotti leaves, and introductions have been made with our new guests I continue carving out letters into the costa rican pumpkins (coconuts). Once I start hearing the rumbling in my stomach I head to the kitchen to prepare lunch (salad, leftovers, and a marina sauce made from the clams). Eat. Siesta.

Getting my afternoon sweat on, I rake and pick up piles of driftwood and garbage on the beach, fill hatchery holes with sand and go for a little run. During my run, I notice that there are several divots in the sand denoting where clams would be. Giving myself a second chance at hunting for clams, I found a container to store the clams and a hard piece of plastic to pry them out of the ground. Gotta love beach trash. - so reliable.
Dinner (salad with lentals, potatoes pancakes, steamed clams. I head into the hammock by 9pm. After Courtney's 10pm patrol, she brings me out a cup of hot coco, mmmmm. 10 mins layer u am visited by Kayla and Julia (new German volunteer) with a fresh nest if eggs to protect. By midnight I am knocked out and fast asleep.

Lesson: if you at first don't succeed ...wait and try again.

Food: Potato Pancakes - tasting just like the delic McD's has browns, these little pan fried circular goodness of mashed potato with sauteed onions and garlic

Something I am thankful for: Natural resources at my feet.
Something I don't want to admit: I panicked for a hot minute when I thought I was out of Q-tips. Luckily I remembered little broski bringing some to me when he visited. Perhaps getting a little personal, but I love to stick these wads of cotton in my ears and itch out the wax in a circular motion.

Total Nest I have saved:  41
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol: 44
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 4732
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 955
Days of Rain: 73/110

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