Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 112 - Halloweenas Buenas

Date: 10/20/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: llenar - Fill
Turtle Fact: The Leatherback Sea Turtle is the only species that doesn't have a backbone that attaches to the inside of their shell.

Wake up 8am. Courtney is up and prepared to make blueberry muffins for breakfast - a nice little treat from her latest care package. As she ready the batter, I make a new supply of "snack" oatmeal. After tooling around the web for a bit I head outside and rake up our beach. These last couple of days have really started to reach some high tides. With that, the ocean throws up its garbage in front o our property and along the rest of the coast. However I do not mind so much as its semi therapeutic.

I head inside to make a watermelon smoothie using the watermelon I had cut up and froze earlier that morning. Yum. I now gather my painting materials and continue working on a couple of signs that will be posted in the community while listening to a little bit of "The marvelous wizard if Oz". Lunch (white rice, garbanzo beans, and ensalada).

I go back to the beach and pick up the piles I raked earlier. There had been talk within the last couple days of having a research coordinator/assistant Halloween party in the near future. So with my mind trying to adjust and remember that it is fall (as I look at the green vegetation and blue water that surrounds me), I begin thinking about how we can spruce up the place with some decor. In absence of pumpkins we have to use the next abundant resource that has similar characteristics (shape, size, color, car able)... COCONUTS. In fact, our neighbors are de-nutting their trees at the moment so there is large yellow and orange coconuts everywhere ! Perfect.

Learning the day before, scoring the coconuts, rather than hollowing out entire coconuts, will be as effective and less time consuming. So the first task I assign myself is carve out multiple coconuts to spell out "Halloweenas Buenas" . Once completed I plan to place these in the entry to our property.

Run. Fix hammock. Exhumations. Shower. Updates. Dinner. I persuaded Courtney to make something with the chicken broth I had mad, from last nights carved chicken. She ended up making a delicious chicken tortilla soup - well done.

After dinner as the girls go in patrol, they come running back inside almost immediately and as for some help. A turtle had just laid eggs in one of our walking paths. Had she walked another 30 ft straight she could have gone right in the hatchery! I dig up the 122 eggs and place them I in the hatchery so that the girls could start their patrol.

10pm I head to the hatchery and get settled into the hammock. After an episode of breaking bad, I get a couple hours if zzzzz as the rain is tapping on the top of my tarp. Sleep.

Lesson: Its all about contrast.

Food: Chicken Enchalada Soup. Having been simmering for hours to ensure all the flavors have been enriched in every single bit, this cocktail of chicken, chicken broth, spices, veggies and fried bits of tortilla topped off with queso

Animals: Crabs, Dogs, Birds, Mosquitoes

Something I am thankful for: Sharp Knives
Something I don't want to admit:  I am having second thoughts about what I want to be for Halloween.

Total Nest I have saved:  41
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol: 42
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 4732
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 955
Days of Rain: 71/108

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