Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 86 - Goodbye Amigo

Date: 9/24/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Patata - Potato

...awake and full of energy from morning patrol I run along the beach to the South to double check my work and make sure no turtles came up after my walk. Still pretty early in the morning, I try to think of an elaborate breakfast I can make (using minimal of the rationed food we have and a lot of the abundant resources in our grasp) for Matt's last day. I come up with the idea of Caramelized young coconut "pancrepes".
SIDENOTE UNO: Pancrepes are my version of thinned out pancakes with great test and meant to be stuffed with goodness.

SIDENOTE DOS: Yes, the only other male companion I have is leaving the project. Sad to see him go and wish him the best of luck. updates. Find logs on beach. Pick up a bucket of trash on the beach. At this point Ever joins me on the quest for finding garbage and Mangrove seedlings. We manage to fill up several buckets of each. Due to the lovely sun and great arobic activity of bending down to get something every could inches, we build up our appetite and head in for lunch (leftovers). 

Already thinking about dinner, I decide to give ricebread one more try. This time, actually cooking the rice and mashing into a paste, before combining it with a little flour and yeast and throwing it in the oven. 
Visa run research. Siesta.

When I awake I challenge Courntey to make dinner tonight. She gratefully accepts and makes an awesome potatoe soup in which my bread compliments. Eat. Patrol.

Ever, Kayla and myself walk to the north. As we start to walk back from the end of the north we come across a turtle that has just walked out of the water. This is perfect as both Kayla and Ever have never seen the process in it's entirety. I make to talk through the process step by step using using our red lights to shine upon every step of this natural ritual. I assign everyone a task (Ever counting and collected eggs, Kayla measuring and tagging). 60eggs later, we watch the turtle pat down her nest using the weight of her body and continue with the rest of patrol. Unfortunately we do not find any more nest or tracks, but we were able to run into Courtney and Ingrid as they had a bucket of turtles they were want to release with us! BABIES! We release the first batch of 35 in the ocean and head back to the hatchery to put the eggs on our into our hole (sounds funny I know). 

When we arrive in the hatchery it looks like some more babies crawled out of their nest and are looking to start their lifes journey. We place the 76 new hatchlings in the bucket and release them as well. When releasing them a couple had some navigation issues due to some light pollution from a nearbye house. However this was remedied with a little white light of our own in the water. Off they go. Good Luck!


SIDENOTE: This was our very first OFFICIAL nest to hatch in our hatchery. I am so proud to be what we call a "turtle dad". It's great starting this project from the ground up and seeing your labors come to fruition. To this point, I have officially extended my volunteering term until sometime in December (versus ending in October), when the nesting season will have ended and all off our babies in the hatchery have hatched. I am always one to finish what I have started. This project will certainly not be an exception. Game on.
Don't burn bridges

Food:Caramelized young coconut Pancrepes
Animals: Crabs, Dogs, Birds, Lizards, Mosquitoes, Turtles

Something I am thankful for: Keeping it real
Something I don't want to admit: I am selfishly happy that now I get all the food scraps that is normally stuck to the bottom of the pans, to myself as I will not have to share with Matt

Total Nest I have saved: 31
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol: 25
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 3,640
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 151
Days of Rain: 51/82

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