Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 85 - Chucking It Overboard

Date: 9/23/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Vómito - Vomit

... awake from morning patrol. Breakfast (cereal). Eric picks us (Courtney, Kayla and I) up and we head south to the estuary where a boat immediately picks us up and ports us over to the other side of the river. Today's main objective is to 1) set a turtle net 2) catch a turtle 3) gather information and 4) further test out the GPS unit to map out the sea floor.

We head out from the "fishing docks" and go straight several kilometers, parallel to the actual point (landmass protruding into the Pacific Ocean). Being forewarned that the nets are most likely tangled, Eric and I throw out the two nests (connected) into the water. These nets are very similair (if not the same) to the turtle nets that Widecast used when we searched for sea turtles on their boat. Essentially it's very large loose netting that is draped from the surface several meters down with weights. Once turtles are caught they are still able to reach the surface for air (which most all other actual fishing nets lack). Knowing and seeing that this net is tangled and now in the water, Eric, Courtney and gear up with fins, mask and snorkel and attempt to untangle the weaving pile of string and knots. I get dropped off at one end, while Courtney and Eric tackle the other. As we bob in the less than choppy water, we find it increasingly more difficult to fix the next as the current keeps moving us to and fro and the weights in the net bouncing vertically in the depths prevents the slack needed to untangle to ropes. After a solid half an hour of attempting to make this work, we retire back to the boat. Feeling less than average I begin the process of concentrating on the Horizon...

We drive around in the boat for the next 1/2 hour, before returning back to the net finding that it was undisturbed. We sit around for a bit longer. Utilizing our time one the boat, we pull out the GPS/Finder in hopes to finally figure this out (@BadLifeDecision). However after setting it up and turning it on, I come to realize something has awry. Further investigating it appears a rat ate through part of the wire. I guess he was trying to satisfy an appetite for technology as well.

Throw up. Large waves, small breakfast and small screen with small fonts did not mix well. I must say though... I did it with much poise.

As we lift anchor and head back to withdraw our net, we notice a turtle in our net! This trip was not a complete fail! The captain slowly pulls the boat up to the net and Eric pull the boat along the net until we reach the turtle. As it were a smaller/adolescent Green Sea turtle, Erick reaches over and picks it up out of the water as I untangle her from the net. We capture some data and tag her flippers before returning her back into the water. Success. We bring in the rest of the nests and head back to the docks.

Back at the Costa de Oro House, we prepare lunch (rice and clams). Resting from this mornings adventure I enjoy a small siesta in the hammock. When I awake, I see that Ingrid and Ever (Friend of Ingrid and newest volunteer) have arrived and will be joining us for the next couple of days, assisting us with patrols. Dinner.

I cook a whole raw chicken in the crock pot and end up shredding it, like I have done in the past. Along with rice, we have Chicken sandwiches. Making the most of our resources I use the remainder of the chicken for stock. updates. Siesta.

3am I wake up for patrol, eat some cereal and head out on the beach for a solo walk along the beach by 3:30am. Almost immediately I come across a turtle coming up on the beach just 4 sectors (400m) North of our house. Awesome. We spend some quality time together and enjoy the sunrise. I gather the 96 eggs and finish patrol. Sleep/Siesta.


  • It's not about how big the waves are, but the motion in the ocean
  • Iced cream was made to cure all
Food: Trit's Icecream sandwich
Animals: Crabs, Dogs, Birds, Lizards, Mosquitoes

Something I am thankful for: Sunrise. What a great way to start your day. Granted it means your probably going to tired earlier than usual, but it sort of like a new pair of socks. It does the same things as a sock that has been worn, or an afternoon sun, but it just feels better.
Something I don't want to admit: 
I had feeling I was going to get sick even before getting on the boat. Sometimes you just have to accept your future. I did. 

Total Nest I have saved: 30
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol: 25
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 3,410
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 40
Days of Rain: 51/81

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