Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 81 - Sting. Stang. Run.

Date: 9/19/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Abeja - Bee
Happy Birthday Nicko, Younger/Bigger brother!

8am wake up. Update Find logs for baths. Remove large sticks from beach.

Already deciding what is going to be for dinner (Coconut Thai Curry Rice), I gather some large yellow coconuts we found the day prior, as we conduct our Coconut survey. As I poke and prod at bunch of large coconuts, I see a dark blur pass in front of my right eye, immediately followed by a sharp pain. I had been stung by wasp. What a rush of burning sensation and adrenaline as I run like a little girl to the house, cursing like a sailor. I end up in the bathroom where I am examining the wound. I am pretty sure the lovely wasp was selfish enough to keep his own stinger, so that was at least one less things I had to worry about. By this time, Courtney is by my side with some bite cream, which I consistently deny being a minimalist when it comes to drugs. Perhaps a having a little Sadism tendency, I oddly enjoy the thrill of this pain, as it is not common to me.

Side Note: In the past I have been stung at 3 separate occasions. (1) I stepped on a bee in my backyard in College (first time) (2) I snagged a bee while my arm was out the window, driving on the freeway passing through some corn fields (3) While hiking with 3 of my best friends (Dadada da Doug, Chris-Mang, Steove), we unknowingly disturbed a wasps nest in the ground. Starting with the last last person in our hiking line and moving their way up, a hive attacked us and we ran up the trail (and ultimately in the wrong direction). Being the 2nd person in the line, I only made out with 4 or 5 separate pricks. But the last person (Doug), was not so lucky.

After calming down and noticing a little inflammation adron my cheek, I head out to make a second attempt as I was not going to let this get in the way of my dinner. I had made this decision on solid grounds as I did not see a wasps nest, nor had any previous contact with the such in my previous time in the area. As the saying goes... "Fool me once, sham on you. Fool me twice, sham on me"... I get stung again, but this time the forehead. I repeat the process previously occurred this time using  words that would make Popeye blush - mainly because I found myself ignorant enough to try again.

As I walk back outside a 3rd time, I come across Matt and Kayla and explain my story. They bravely pick up the coconuts I was able to jostle out of the tree before I abandoned my post in a flail like motion. I continue to prep, open and dismount the fruit from the coconuts with the aid of Kayla. I finely blend the soft pieces of coconut with water and set to simmer on the stove for the next 25mins. Afterwards I strain the liquid and set to the refrigerator. I was going to save the shreds of coconut, but being absent a baking pan, I was not ready to make several little batches using the crock pot pan.  

Lunch. Lotti stops by the house and drops off a rake at my request. Sandra also stops by and discusses at length how the Caletas Project (the beach to the south) has been having horrible hatch rates, since the Earthquake a couple weeks ago. With our nests within a week of hatching, we are to keep a keen eye on this matter.

Excited (oddly enough) to use the rake, I go to beach "town" and start raking piles of faggots along our shore. Afterwards I gather these piles and place them in preexisting piles where large, browned palm leaves are mounding over each other and will be burned eventually by the property managers.

After rinsing off the sand and sweat I head to the house to enjoy a little bit of painting and finish up my millage signs. Inspired to make more signs I walk several sectors south in search of more paintable driftwood. I find several pieces, take them back to the house and rinse off the excess sand/dirt/ocean of them and place them in the sun to try for the next couple of days.

Siesta. Run. Shower. Prep Dinner.

As mentioned before the plan is to make Coconut Curry Rice for dinner. I get some sous chef help from everyone and begin making the sauce. I skim the top, gathering the coconut milk from the container I had placed the strained coconut liquid in. Using this, some spices and special ingredients I am to produce some great taste to accompany the veggies and coconut rice we are to eat. EAT. Patrol.

7:30pm I walk solo to the south with D in my ear. Siesta.
1am I head back out to the beach, this time biking solo to the south. Still Nada.

As a late night snack, Courtney had mad some Peanut butter cookies. I enjoy this as I catch up on an episode of Mad Men. Sleep.

  • Wasps like the beach
  • Raking is relaxing
  • Inspiration is contagious and addictive
Food: Peanut Butter Cookies separated by a layer of Nutella,
Animals: Crabs, Dogs, Birds, Lizards

Something I am thankful for: Help. It's great to have assistance from time to time. It just makes everything go by much smoother (sometimes).

Something I don't want to admit: I thought yesterday was my little brother's B Day. Opps. Better earlier that to be late, right? Happy Pre-belated Birthday Nick.

Total Nest I have saved: 25
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol:19
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 3,089
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 40
Days of Rain: 44/65

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  1. I started the Nick birthday a day early years ago, he should of been born on the 18th not the 19th.
    I miss you xoxo