Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 79 - Getting Flashy

Date: 9/17/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Relámpago - Lightning

9am wake up. Update Breakfast (cereal with banana and a lil vanilla extract).

I get out to the beach and walk a coupe sectors in either direction picking up my allotment of logs for the path, trash for the trash and mangroves for future conservation projects. Since the storm that brought in the large waves, the beach was very plentiful with seedlings. With this said, I spend a chunk of time, expanding the garden by turning over the soil, removing rocks and weeding the surrounding areas.

For a late lunch, we head over to Drew's at Hotel Laguna Mar. Here we relax by the pool for the next couple of hours and enjoy some great food.  I catch up on a couple episodes of Mad Men as I slip into my food coma, next to pool. What a life. We head back to the house as the afternoon clouds role in and the promise of rain is becoming more apparent.

Patrol. It's an early night for a patrol today. I bike the beach solo heading South, North and then back to the house. Nada. However I did see a Raccoon on the beach. After seeing it's tracks time and time again, this is the first of actually seeing the animal. The tide creeping up the beach almost devours the bike as I ride higher and higher into the soft sand. Luckily there is no rust build up on my chains today!

Dinner. The girls make softshell tacos with salsa, quac and rice. I spend the remaining of the evening updating some and enjoying the Thunderstorm. Siesta.

I wake up to the sound of large strikes lightning hitting the surrounding area. Accompanied by this are the voices of the house, just getting in from their shortened patrol due to the storm. All of them are excited to tell their brave story of escaping the storm and mad dash back to safety. It looks I got lucky going early! I make Popcorn from scratch as everyone winds back down from an electric evening.


  • Double check your work
  • It's all about expectations
  • You can always make something a positive, just change your POV.
Food: ChiFrijo - Fried Pork Rinds, Beans and Salsa.
Animals:Crabs, Dogs, Birds, Lizards, Raccoon.

Something I am thankful for: Plan B. Luckily there is always another option.

Something I don't want to admit:  I am enjoying these 9am sleep ins. I hope it does not become a habit.

Total Nest I have saved: 28
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol:25
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 3,301
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 40
Days of Rain: 48/75

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