Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 78 - Roll'n Along

Date: 9/16/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Pintura - Paint

9am wake up. updates. Breakfast (cereal).

Alvero arrives to the house in the morning expected goodness and delight in the form of dairy products. A couple weeks ago I ordered cheese (feta) from the people who provide meat and cheese to the Expats living in the surrounding area. CHEESE! I ended up getting .551g of this and plan to eat this in mouse like quantities over then next couple weeks. CHEESE!

This morning I am determined to hang the Pretoma Sign in front of the House. Now people (like parents and friends that visit for the first time) will be able to identify where we live (after we paint the words (Pretoma). I get the assistance of Matt and hoist up the sign I had made with some twine and nails a couple days previous. Once in place I attempt to nail in the sign. Because it is drift wood, and nothing is ever flat, nor thin, our nails were not able penetrate the thickness. As an alternative, we fasten the sign in place, and I begin tying the sign in place, make sure that it is ascetically pleasing. Done. During this process I did get bit by a spider on my foot (or so I do believe) as Charlie's Brother would say "it really really hurt". Plus is ended up leaving a nice round red mark for a while. But no worries, everything is ok and back to normal.

 I head to the backyard and pick up some old coconuts and palm branches that have fallen within the last couple of days. Lunch (leftovers).

This afternoon I am dedicating myself to a relaxing day of the arts. I plan to work on my millage signs for the cities I "belong to"- ya know those poles you see randomly at tourist sites, where there is a sign that points the directions and millage to that city named, I am making one of those. And being a slight master of mimicry, I decide to incorperate the Detroit "D" into mine. It's going to look so awesome. So using the internet as a reference and making a paint brush out of coconut husk and fishing line I paint away. This may have just inspired other works of art for the future.

Run. Shower. Attempt #2 at making Asian Rolls for dinner.

After having defrosted the rolls (which we froze from last night, I roll them out into long strip of dough and place segments of vegetables inside the roll, turning the bundle each time a new veggy is added. Before you know it there was a 4" roll sitting on the counter. I place them in the oven to bake. After turning golden brown, I remove them and cut them into slices, as if they were sushi. I accompany this with homemade Thai peanut sauce I made and give it a little presentation. Not too shabby. Next time, I make this attempt I will be sure to place on the veggies in the center so it does not end up looking like a fruit cake.

Updates to Patrol.

11pm, I walk North with Dagmar (German volunteer). We walk all the way North without seeing a thing. Instead of staying the usual 15 mins before heading back I wait 30 mins. We enjoy the thunderstorm that dances on top of the ocean several miles out in the pacific as we pass the time. This was good thing we did because not even 3mins after we started walking back, we found 2 turtles come up out of the water. We walk back with two bags of eggs (61 and 113eggs) and tuck them into their new nest. When placing them into the nest, I found 4 yolk-less eggs (which are not counted in the 61 egg count) and document them as such. In fact there was a 5th egg that actually had a yolk-less egg growing on the side of it. Interesting. The patrol going south ended up getting 2 nests too! It looks like we are getting back into the swing of things!


  • Sometimes it can wait till tomorrow
  • Texture is half the battle
  • With enough rope, anything is possible
Food: Rice Dough Rolls, stuffed with semi boiled, soy sauce flavored veggies.
Animals:Turtles, Crabs, Dogs, Birds, Mosquitoes

Something I am thankful for: Yeast. Who knew these little guys would help make things I like; Bread, cheese, beer....

Something I don't want to admit: I made the rice flour from scratch using the blender. Lets just say the cooked dough was not as smooth as you expect, but rather the texture of a 8 grain rice. Semi Fail.

Total Nest I have saved: 28
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol: 25
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 3,301
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 40
Days of Rain: 47/74

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