Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 71 - We Didn't Get The Invite

Date: 9/9/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica
Word of the day: Mariscos - Seafood
Monte Cristo French Toast
7am wake up. Bored of the same old (delicious), I venture to make something new using the same ingredients - Monte Cristo French Toast. Success. I fill my morning hours with yard work; removing fallen/bad coconuts from the landscape and unearthing our old palm tree "road" we made for the sand deposits in our hatchery. Lunch (rice leftovers).

After listening to a little more Lost World in the hammock (a pseudo siesta), I walk along the beach in search of more wood for my path. I found some good sized pieces, but they need to be dismembered in order to be of sizable means to carry. Having chopped the sections, Matt with aid of the bike, help me move the logs. Courtney and I now walk along the beach looking for mangrove seedlings for a garden we are about to plant in the backyard. We both find a couple good handfuls and proceed to get them in the ground, dowsing them with sea water to get the process going. Run.
After my run, I see a family on the beach collecting clams. Effortlessly they walk down the beach toward our house, kneeling, stabbing the sand with a stick, prying back, and out popping a clam. It looks easy enough. I join this random family for 10mins. Watching their technique and learning how they know where the clam is, I start finding clams and add them to their collection. WOW this was supper easy. I head back in the house to gather my own supplies and start walking in the opposite direction, not to prey upon their fertile sand. Twenty minutes later I find myself with a satchel of clams and head back to the house to rinse them off and place them fresh water with salt. For the next couple hours. 

After my little run and shower, I commence on dinner. Obviously having clams (for an appetizer), I also prepare the main course, Asian chicken, broccoli, carrots and rice. Everything turned out awesome. We will definitely be having clams more often!

Found this beach on patrol
7:30am we patrol. I head South with Courtney on foot. Nada. This evening I had learned why perhaps we have not seen any turtles the last couple of nights. There is something called an arribada. Essentially this is where thousands of turtles lay their eggs within the same 300m of each other. There are so many turtles that often times, you can see turtles sitting in the waves, waiting for their turn on the beach. Unfortunately due to so many turtles on the beach, some eggs are dug up by other turtles digging their nest. At the same time, the thought process is that predators can only eat so many eggs (top layer) thus, the bottom layer of eggs have a better chance at surviving - strength in numbers. This event happened in Ostinal this weekend. Perhaps all our turtles decided to join the egg laying party 35 miles northwest of were our beach is located. 

SIDE-NOTE: It's a very controversial fact that during arrabadas, it is actually legal to poach eggs from the beach it is occurring at. So when bars or people are found with mass quantities of turtles eggs by the police, they just say they got it from the arribada (vs our beach) and authorities have no way of knowing the truth.
It's fun knowing you will see the "fruits" of your labor
With egg, flour and oil you can make anything

Food: Steamed Clams, seasoned with Sazon Tropical, onions garlic and cilantro and a little lime.
Animals: Crabs, Dogs, Birds, Lizards, Mosquitoes

Something I am thankful for: Foraging. You often forget the best things are for free... you just have to find them.
Something I don't want to admit: We ate clams during a ride tide. Knowing that eating anything from the ocean during a red tide is bad/toxic to humans, I went with a gut instinct that if locals are doing it, so can I (we). However after researching and reading an article about out red tide on Costa Rica, I gained some confidence in my decision.

Total Nest I have saved: 25
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol:19
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 3,089
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 40
Days of Rain: 45/67


  1. Nice work with the clams! I want to come visit just so I can eat your food!

  2. Thanks! I didn't realize I would be working on my culinary skills so much. When in Rome, you have to use their ingredients and what a better time to master them!

    Do it! But then again everywhere I go my food goes. So if you don't catch me here...