Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 67 - Others' POV

Being new to the world of crises journalism, I askrd my friends and acquaintances to write down, one page (no more no less) their thoughts 5mins before the earthquake until now (an hour after the earthquake) as a little social experiment. This is what they wrote. 

Matt M
The '12 Quake by "Superpro Ghost Coaster"

5 Minutes Before Pancakes - ' Gee I hope these pancakes taste good... Ohh shit, everybody RUUNNNNN!"

Wendy "Olas Grande!"
La Gente: Panics

Thoughts from Laguna Mar Shitter: Ya I 'member the quake of 0-12, says me as an old-ass man, gotdamn right I remember the quake of 0-12'.

The Aftermath: (everyone) lets take a shot. Andrei the "tips only' interim bartender. No radio :(

Psuedo - Gender Teco/Tica present.

7.9 in Samara

Am getting sunburned

Things/Cosas I packed in a panic: 3-4 pairs underpants, 1 T-shirt, Teva Sandals, Pancakes, syrup, p-nut butter... Camera

Wendy B
10:00am Sept 5, 2012

After surf, came in to do some yoga, took a vaponzer, got out the mats + in the first position, the shake begun. Being from California, I though it would stop. It kept going, harder + stronger then glass started breaking. I could here the crashing of glass, I ran down the stairs + out the door to the beach. The water in the pool was flying out in waves and the earth was shaking, pulsing to where running was difficult. I stopped out on the beach and turned to see the house tiliting looking like a it would crummble to pieces. No one but dogs were on the beach. I ran to Flons, noe one, ran back to acccess the damage. Dishes, paintings, electric gone crashed on the floor.  Then another aftershock hit, I grabbed my baits, passport, phone + truck key and picked up people in the truck. That's a whole nother story.


Maddie B

5 min before
- Stressed because Sandra just called to inform me Randal's (pres of Pretoma) daughter is coming to San Miguel in a couple hours.
- Making french toast
- Capi is keeping me company so I am happy :)

- Hold onto table in kitchem for support, laughing like a  mad women
- Godmar emerges from bed, runs to kitchem, I'm worried about coconuts falling on her head
- I'm thinking this is bigger than anything I've felt in Vancouver.

After: Relief. Especially when Wilson got back!

Michael V
Para mi es el mars
grande de los temblores
desde lo edad que tengo
des de lu epoca dell ono lggo que fue
bastante duro tambien
es olgo natural y son
cosas que es mejor
que pasen y no un duno
mas grube pero en
todo caso estar prepuro dos

Michalel Vega Parra
Hotel Laguna Mar

Dagmar Seidl
* Right before earthquake I was lying in bed and thinking about leaving earlier from my project to see Samara before I fly back to Germany.
*San Miguel is so nice I should tell my friends to come back for Holidays.
*I should go over to Playa Coyote. Victor is a Hottie!
*What am I gonna eat for breakfast
*Will I find turtles today

Courtney K
  • Hanging out eating pancakes listening to "Bilingual Song"
  • Started washing dishes planning what food we needed from Lotti
  • Starts shaking run to door jam
  • Shakes harder door jam sway
  • Matt grabs me and we run outside. I'm freaking out about coconuts as it's still shaking. 
  •  Ended up sitting below the shower outside trying to fight off tears. 
  • We run inside, grab passports & shoes and stuff before walking to Wendys
  • Talk to Chino
  • Ger in car & try to save syd
  • Try to bring locals - crazy because we waited impatiently
  • Todos a la casa de Drew
*Thoughts we could always go higher*

Now we drink

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