Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 66 - Rinse Cycle

Date: 9/4/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Sopa - Soup

6:30am wake up. It was a beautiful morning as the light shines on my face through the window, onto my lower bunk. This inspires me to go on a little bike ride north on the beach. Unfortunately what I was about to see was not so beautiful and inspiring. After last night late night patrol (Matt and Courtney) had informed me that 2 dead turtles washed up on shore, 1 sector (100m) away from each other. Not having seen a dead turtle on this beach in person, I decided to have a look-see.

I ride up to the area where they had last seen the turtles. I could not find them... but then my nostrils started to flare and waft of decaying flesh caught my attention - I was close. I look around and not even 10ft away I find the corpse. I suppose I did not see it as it was not in a position I thought would be a normal resting position. I walk up the beach a little to find a good resting place for this guy. As I look around the baron spots in between the driftwood piles, I notice another figure in the corner of my eye. Almost as if it was sitting, leaning up against a log, I find the second turtle. Apparently both of them have been moved by the tide. I dig two holes next to each other and say goodbye for now...

I get back to the house and grab a little breakfast (oatmeal). Seeing as it was still beautiful out, I decide on doing some laundry. YES LAUNDRY! I gather my clothes and let them sit in the soapy water mix for a good hour. Afterwards I rub the clothes onto each other, and go double check for any food/dirt stains that I had missed. It's pretty easy thing to do, when all you wear is shorts and underwear. Later, I rinse the clothes in some water and hang them to dry. Lunch.

SIDE-NOTE: A good friend introduced to me a brand of underware called ExOfficio. This is some awesome stuff. Breathable, quick-dry and non itchy. Definitely worth it's money! Vic Tested and Approved

Still in the mood cleaning I help tidy around the house and take out some trash. I then head to the beach and clean the landscape of drift wood/sticks/garbage/coconuts. Feeling pretty accomplished with my duties I head inside to take a little siesta. I wake up to the sound of rain drops on the trees s' leaves. I run outside to check my dry clothes, but still found them to be damp. Oh well rinse cycle number 2. Afterwards I catch up on a littel HT.com and start looking up things for dinner. I have decided on making vegetable curry rice/soup. Dinner.

Patrol. We have out first patrol right after dinner. I head North on the bike with Matt and Courtney tailing by foot. I get only 3 sectors away when I see my first turtle of the night! YES! I flash my red flashlight at the group and radio over to them to come quick. Once they arrive, I take off on my bike to look for more turtles, before the poachers do. I get only 8 sectors farther North when I spot the second turtle.  Again, I radio over and this time only Matt comes as Courtney is still with the first turtle. Our bike patrolling system is working (and so efficient). I head all the way North and back South, where I check back in with the Matt (got 116 eggs) and Courtney (110 eggs). Upon checking back in with Courtney, she had summoned Wendy to join her (as Wendy lived only a couple houses away, would want to this and plus Courtney preferred not be alone). At this point in time Courtney had pointed out that this female's back right flipper was missing! This obviously made digging for her a little difficult. Later I find out that she aborted 2 nest and upon the third, got a little help from human and successfully laid her 110 eggs.

I continue biking South and find one more Turtle walking up the beach. An hour or so later, I am riding back with 90 more eggs to place in the hatchery. Siesta.

I also had late night patrol tonight. 2:30am I get up to go on a solo patrol on bike. Nada. However, I am very content with the fact that Pretoma got a all the eggs on Costa de Oro's beach this evening and poacher got none! Sleep - and it's a good things I got a good night's rest for what happens tomorrow...

  • Mother nature needs to work on a wash cycle. They have the rinse and dry processes down pat. 
  • I finally understand the importance of a landscaped front yard, and why my dad is always out there picking weeds. 
  • Curry is so easy to cook

Food: Curry Vegetable Soup and Rice. Simply making some steamed rice, I cook sautee the vegetables, add them to a curry broth and some coconut cream to the mix. So easy, so Thai.

Animals: Turtles, Turtle eggs, dogs, Lizards

Something I am thankful for: Underwear that dries quickly

Something I don't want to admit: I plan on going back for the dead turtles. In name of science I plan to gather some bones, wash and sterilize them (in peroxide) in order to preserve and use them as teaching tools when volunteers and tourists stop by. 

Total Nest I have saved: 25
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol: 17
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 3,089
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 40
Days of Rain: 42/62


  1. Love "Vic tested and approved"

    If only more companies would give you products to test and review in exchange for the big bucks.... then us responsible consumers would know what to buy!!

    1. Fact. I am working on it... and if any of you reading this know of any... I am all ears, toes, fingers, legs, etc :)

  2. What kind of towel do you use? Do you have a head lamp? And, is there a need to purify tap water before drinking it?

    Three things I always take with my when traveling:

    Let me know if I can send you something for Victor Approval!


    1. Kim,

      This list is awesome. I certainly like what I am seeing but to be honest there is no fix something that isn't broken.

      1) I currently use this and have had no complaints. Granted I really do not need a water purifier here, I still brought mine and have not had to use it once... Almost had to pull it out after the earth quake though. I am exited about this little guy you are introducing to me... perhaps on my next adventure when size matters. http://www.rei.com/product/695265/msr-miniworks-ex-water-filter

      2) I have it and love it. This is actually the only towel I brought with me to Costa Rica. I use it every day and it's still not nasty by any means.

      3) 2 of the people here have this and they love it! (I do too, but fortunately enough I am using this). I can't say mine is better but it certainly works well. http://www.princetontec.com/?q=fuel

      Is there something else you are looking at that could need some testing? Like outdoor mp3 speakers, outdoor headphones, some type of leatherman (RIP Indycar's Leatherman - salt water is bad for some metal joints), water proof stuff sacks, pocket saws, walkie talkies, etc