Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 63 - Meat Ya There

Date: 9/1/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Patrocinio - Sponsorship

7:30am wake up. Not believing that with a blue moon last night there was not a single turtle that came up on our beach last night, I ride up and down the coast looking for tracks. Well, truth be told, there was not single set of tracks.

Feeling pretty energetic from a good night's sleep, I go for a morning run. I get back to house just in time for Matt's Cinnamon toast and make "special" cup of coffee using some donated Chocolate Mix from brother Chris. We all chillax for a couple hours and then get all "dolled" up for this afternoon. We are heading to Hotel Laguna Mar for lunch and a couple drinks. About every other week the Expats in the area have a "Meating" at a location, hangout and pick up their meat they order from a local farmer'n'butcher. So Matt, Courtney and I head to Wendy's house (just a couple sectors north of our house) and get a ride to the Hotel. Once we arrive, we meet all the Expats and post up. We enjoy some gratis finger foods (including ceviche, coconut shrimp, pork, fried fish, etc) and enjoy a couple cervezas. A couple hours later the crowd thins and Matt and I walk back to the house. Luckily about half way home Drew, Owner of Hotel Laguna Mar, passed by and offered to drive us most of the way back - YES!

SIDE-NOTE: Drew has been kind enough and has agreed to donate TWO new bikes to Pretoma! We (HelpingTurtles) reached out to him a couple weeks ago and suggested a sponsorship opportunity with him. Essentially we will brand these bikes with the Hotel Laguna Mar logo and ride these bikes on patrol (evenings and early mornings). If we should find a turtle nest with eggs using these bikes, we will be sure to capture the moment as best as possible and post pictures as such! This is going to be such a great tool against poachers! Thanks Drew and Hotel Laguna Mar!

Once we get back to the house, I play in the waves as Matt surfs. Before you know it, it's time to make some dinner. We end up going with something easy - Asian Stir fry. Siesta.

Patrol. 11:30pm I head south on the bike, solo as Matt and Hernando go north. During my patrol I find 2 poached nests (done by a person on a motorcycle earlier in the night), a false crawl (the turtle came up on the beach, couldn't lay her eggs because of all the vegetation and drift wood, and a TURTLE NESTING!I find her as she just walked up to her spot and began digging. 35 mins later, I am riding back to the hatchery with 114 eggs. NICE. Sleep.
  • Bikes are fast and efficient - when on hard surfaces
  • Food brings people together (again)
  • The thought of hitching a ride in Costa Rica is not that bad/uncommon
  • Crabs should not mess with me, in my hatchery.

Food: Asian Stir Fry - Sauteed veggies, scrambled egg and some seasoned rice. Simple.

Animals: Turtle, Turtle Eggs, Crabs, Dog, Cow, Hoarse. Lizard

Something I am thankful for: Sponsorships. The majority of the time it's a win-win situation. One needs a product/service the other needs publicity/community service. So many great things can be accomplished because of these relationships.

Something I don't want to admit: At the "Meating" I probably was not as social as I should have. After meeting everyone and having a couple small conversations here and there Matt and I just shot the $hit for the duration of our time there. However enjoyable, we probably should have been more social. Luckily Courtney was picking up the slack in this area - little social butterfly she is. 

Total Nest I have saved: 21
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol: 15
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 2,659
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 40
Days of Rain: 40/59

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