Sunday, July 1, 2012

Putting a Face to the Names


Victor M - Me

James E - Roommate

Allison D - Roommate

Sara C - Friend

Brian F.


Molly's Roommates Dog #1

Molly's Roommates Dog #2

Janet - Mom's Friend


Yolanda - Widecast Vet

David M - Widecast Senior Research Coordinator

Loba - Playa Blanca Dog

Didher C - WIDECAST Director of Latin America

Ricado E - Widecast Research Coordinator

Georgina - Widecast Research Coordinator

Paula Z - Widecast Research Coordinator

Shae O - Widecast Research Coordinator

Hayder S - Friendly Local

Boofy - Camping Luciernaga Cat

Cesar - Friend of a Widecast Volunteer

Joey W - Liaison for Global Works Travel

Dona Cristina - Owner of Camping Luciernaga

Arley - Friendly Local

Grace C - Friendly Local

Pablo L - Widecast Local Assistant


Caroline F (Kaz) - Pretoma Volunteer

Maddie B - Pretoma Research Coordinator of Playa San Miguel/Costa De Oro

Courtney K - Pretoma Research Coordinator

Matt M - Pretoma Research Assistant Coordinator

Captain - Playa San Miguel Dog

Álvaro P - Local Friend

Wendy B - Local Friend

Zene - Local Friend

Drew C - Owner of Laguna Mar Hotel

Ready - San Miguel Local Resident (RIP)

Lauren P - Pretoma Volunteer

Kristen Z - Pretoma Volunteer

Anna M - Pretoma Volunteer

Franziska S - Pretoma Volunteer

Eric - Nesting Beaches and Fisheries Coordinator

Catie T - Pretoma Volunteer

Michael - Laguna Mar Hotel Staff

Nick M - Younger/Bigger Brother

Kirsty H - Pretoma Volunteer

Laura M - Pretoma Volunteer

Kathleen D - Pretoma Volunteer

Andrew S - Pretoma Volunteer

Christine G- Mom

Olivia S.

Pretoma Volunteers (Nadja H)
Caroline G
Sandra V
Lotti A

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