Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 62 - Blue Moon

Date: 8/31/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day:
Turtle Fact: Incubation time varies with species, clutch size, and temperature and humidity in the nest. The incubation time for most species is 45 to 70 days. However, historically our beaches (Playa San Miguel and Costa de Oro) have seen incubation times of around 40 days.

3am wake up. I enjoy a little 4th meal (turtle pancakes from yesterday) and I patrol solo on the beach cruiser around 3:30am. As I head to the beach, I notice 4 sets of bike tire tracks leading to the house from beach. As I look study them in the moonlite night/early morning I notice these are not bike tires at all... THEY ARE TURTLE TRACKS! Has this turtle walked another 80ft, it could have done her work in the hatchery to save us a step. Lets just say this turtle knew what she was doing when she decided that she wanted a her children to be safe. 96 eggs later I actually head out on patrol. North, South, North and nada. What a great start to the day!

Updates to Breakfast. I make an eggbake in the morning. Brother Chris shared this recipe with me a while ago and it has been sitting in the volt until recently. Sooo good.

Today's project was to improve the Hatchery's exterior trails. Essentially there is 2 trails from the beach that lead directly to the hatchery. One on the property we currently live on and another than is on the property the hatchery is build on (next door). The plan is to just outline the paths that people walk on to get the hatchery in order not to disturb the (future) landscaping (if any) around path/hatchery. The project consist of moving dirt/sand (previously from the hatchery dig site) onto paths and then outlining these paths with large pieces of long wood.

Matt joins me outside for a hot minute and we nail the sign the back/Front of the hatchery facing the Ocean. This will be our main PRETOMA sign for the hatchery. So exciting... no we just wait for the colored paint to arrive to finish it up. Lunch.

I go for a couple walks along the beach looking for longer pieces of wood for the paths as I have already exhausted the supply I have been slowly gathering over the last couple of weeks. FYI - it's pretty hot out at this point in time and frequent jumps into the ocean were a must.

Outside the hatchery before the Paths
Still having some energy I dig two holes for the soccer posts. On our property we have a set of Soccer goal posts. One of them is cemented into the ground and looking great. The other had rusted, broke and is now laying on the ground. Anytime the kids come by they end up leaning this on a tree to play a game of Soccer/Fútbol. I thought I would help them out a little. Run.

Outside the hatchery before the Paths
Another little side project of mine was to create a camera wheel. In the future I want to be able to film the new hatchlings "running" on the beach without having the camera shaking too much as I follow them to the water at ground height. SO, I had found this tricycle wheel (I could only imagine) washed up on the beach some time ago. I just so happen to find a piece of pvc that fit just in the center of the wheel, but had just enough room where the tire could still spin. On either end of the pvc, I put a couple of nails in so that the wheel would not slide off of the pvs, locking in place in the center. Boom I have myself an axle. To be honest, what I have just created looks ALOT like an ab roller. I leave this item the way it is at the moment to come up with how I want to finish it (attach my vertical handle) - no need to rush great work.

Dinner - we end up finishing up leftovers for dinner. Hangout. Patrol. 10pm we head out to the beach and look up a, BLUE MOON! I ride solo on the bicycle heading North, South and 1/2 way North again, until I run into Matt and Courtney. Nada.

Blue Moons are not really blue
Poles are dug deep, deep in the ground
Nailing on an angle (downward) is difficult when your vertically challenged.

Food: Eggbake - sauted sausage, onion, red pepper and garlic, held together by sweater pancake mix/cake like texture and random pockets of BBQ sauce - my favorite addition.....mmmm

Animals: Crabs, Turtle (eggs), Dogs, Lizards, Mosquito, Ants

Something I am thankful for: Shovels - I really dig this tool. Sharp yet, flat, skinny and strong. I can't imagine digging out holes or even moving earth with large claims or wooden sticks.

Something I don't want to admit: I am going to need to re-dig the soccer goal. Lets just say, I dug the hole, placed the goal and filled/packed the dirt back in... then looked at it. YIKES. Well it could be used for a handicap for one of the teams...

Total Nest I have saved: 20
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol: 13
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 2,545
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 40
Days of Rain: 40/58

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