Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 59 - La Cucaracha

Date: 8/28/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Cucaracha - Cockroach
Turtle Fact:
   In studies conducted on green sea turtles, lung capacity exchange in one breath exceeded 50%

7am wake up. Not happy with the patrol last night, I head out for a late morning patrol along the beach with the bike. Knowing that we still have an issue with the back tire, I bring the pump so I can inflate the tires, once I turn around. As I enjoy this morning ride, I see a set of tracks that lead up the beach. I also see a set of foot prints walking along the beach at the same height of the end of the tracks and most likely the nest bed. As I flip out the kick stand and balance the bike on the soft sand, I follow the tracks to the nest. At a second look of the foot prints, I see that the turtle tracks had covered them, which means this person had walk past, BEFORE the turtle came up. Score – this improves the chances that the eggs are still there. After poking around with a small stick I find the nest with 102 Eggs. Yippy! I continue searching the rest of the sectors north of me and then head back to the hatchery to get these eggs in a safe place.

Breakfast. I end up making some Horchata Pancakes. Essentially I just added a powdered packet, you would normally use for juice beverage,  into the pancake batter.

SIDENOTE: I love being an entrepreneur of food.  I feel like my super power is tasting the final product, without even eating it. This thus gives me the idea of what I should add while I’m cooking/preparing. This was the case with the pancakes this morning. In fact, this gave me a great idea for pancakes. Bear with my… Gravy flavored pancake.

I fill my morning with HT.com and trying to figure out how I can going to handle my Visa Run – every 3 months I have to leave the country for 3 days in order to renew my visa. I will have to do some traveling by Oct 2nd.

Lunch. Run. Beach cleanup. I am hating the dogs of Costa de Oro right now. They getting into our kitchen scraps container, and now they have gotten into our pile of garbage bags on the side of the road for the garbage men to pick up. There is garbage everywhere! Matt, Courtney and I grab some used turtle gloves and head out to the road to clean up the mess.  As we clean up the rubbish, we unearth a hoard of fire ants. We don’t realize this fact until after our feet are burning. We save this project for tomorrow after these little guys had a chance to calm down.

Shower. Updates HT.com. Sunset. I join Matt and Courtney for their daily evaluation of the sunset set. Nothing special today. Dinner (leftovers). Patrol. I walk with Courtney North. We end up finding 2 nests. One of them had 113 eggs the other had 79 eggs. In fact the second turtle we actually saw and hung out with as she nested and laid her eggs.

We walk back to the hatchery, and put these little ones to rest for the next 8weeks. Sleep.

  • Be Careful where you poke
  • Everything tastes good with sugar
  • Not all sunsets in Costa Rica are beautiful

Food:  Horchata Pancakes - Who knew that ground up rice, sugar, and Cinnamon could taste so good in solid form!
Animals: Dogs, Turtles, Cockroach, Spider

Something I am thankful for:
Rectification - It's that feeling that you can do better and proving this to yourself (and others sometimes). Without this feeling not many of us would have advanced or be advanced as we are today.
Something I don't want to admit: I broke an turtle egg. In the process of poking around in this morning nest bed, I pressed too hard with the stick and punctured the egg. :( I end up burring the remainders. As it turns out this egg took one for the team as his other 102 brother/sister survived the first stage of life. He/She was a brave soul being laid near the top. It will be missed.

Total Nest I have saved: 19
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol: 13
Total Turtle Eggs I saved: 2,449
Total Baby Turtles I Released: 40
Days of Rain: 38/55

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