Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 57 - Don't be such a Crab (apple)

Date: 8/26/12

Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: FÚTBOL - SOCCER

Turtle Fact: Sea turtles can live in seawater with no need for a freshwater source. They obtain sufficient water from their diet and from metabolizing seawater.

7am wake up. As I eat breakfast I realize, I legitimately have no idea what day of the week it is. It's a very interesting feeling when there is not necessarily a "set schedule" you follow, but rather a tasks you need to complete before certain events happen.

Over the last couple of days, I have been trying to figure out how I can make "HelpingTurtles" better (reach more people, and have a greater impact, be more entertaining, have more interaction. Since FB limits you on several of these aspect, I thought I would bump up everything a level. I introduce I ended up buying this site, running blogger on it. Needless to say the next couple of days I will be getting this ready. Ohh yeah, forgot to mention it's a dreary rainy day - I won't even feel bad for being a couch potato working on this site.

Around 3pm the kids stop by to initially to take a photo in front of the hatchery (something we had set up to do a couple days back). However, with the gloomy weather, we decide to postpone the photo shoot. Not wanting to go home/leave, the kids stuck around to work on some English homework with Courtney and Matt played soccer in the back. Being a slight scrooge (because my old man back still hurts), I opt out of these activities and get some alone time cleaning some more terracotta for the hatchery.

Dinner. Tonight I decide to make Gumbolya. A mix between Gumbo and Jambalaya as we didn't have enough ingrediants for one single kind. However it turned out awesome - per usual.

Patrol. 8:30pm. On our way out to patrol we check the hatchery for the turtles in H13 (the eggs given to us from a neighbor that had already been 7weeks old at the time). We notice a crab hole was right on top of the nest, and there was a depredated turtle next to it.

 SIDE-NOTE: Depredated - A raid, also known as depredation, is a military tactic or operational warfare mission which has a specific purpose and is not normally intended to capture and hold terrain, but instead finish with the raiding force quickly retreating to a previous defended position prior to the enemy forces being able to respond in a cooordinated manner or formulate a counter-attack. In Turtle terms, that means an animal killed it.

In hopes to find this turtle killer we start digging carefully in the crab's hole. We do not find it, but we do find a baby turtle alive and moving! Seeing this, and not the crab, we feared for the other 58+ eggs in the nest. So we started to uncover the nest. Lo and behold, we find 38 babies that were just about to breach the surface. We take these guys and release 35 of them later that night. The other 3 were a little sluggish and would be released (by me) the following early morning. We cover the nest back up and head out on patrol. It's a quiet a night. No tracks and no poachers. Maybe they know something we don't.

 Ohh yeah, by the way we did end up finding that crab. He will not be giving us any more problems.

  • Releasing baby turtles have to be one of THE coolest animal things to see!
  • Time is define on the values you give it
  • Kids just want to be loved
  • Buying a website (name) is easier than expected. Now to build something is different.

Food: Gumbolya - Using the left over chicken, browning some sausage and whole lot of spices, veggies, rice and beans.

Animals: Crab, Baby Turtle, Dogs, Birds

Something I am thankful for: Availability. Just the thought of something being available. It gives whatever that "something" is meaning. Perhaps it's the idea that since "something" is available it's more tangible and realistic to obtain. On the other hand, when something not available, the meaning could be much greater and have even more of a push to want it.

Something I don't want to admit: The people most close to me know this... but if I don't eat, I get cranky. Having the kids around the same time I was about to eat (and then not end up eating), put me in a little bit of a mood - thus the distance from the kids. Even more pathetic, I didn't want to eat in from of them, cause I didn't want to share.

Days of Rain: 37/53
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 2,155
Total Nest I have saved: 16
Total Nests Poached on my Patrol: 13

P.s.  Back in day, out younger brother used to call people "crab apple" when they were being a meanie.

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