Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 55 – When Nature Calls, Say Hello

Date: 8/24/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Baño - Bathroom
Turtle Fact: SEA TURTLES ON LAND: for the most part, the only time sea turtles leave the sea is when females haul out to lay eggs. On some uninhabited or sparsely-inhabited beaches, turtles have been observed basking on land.

8:30am wake up. I actually got to sleep in, imagine that! I immediately start working on breakfast as no one is up yet. I start making my new favorite banana pancakes with vanilla. I almost got this down to an art, where you don’t even need syrup to make these a complete meal.

Today’s project. Outdoor “pisser”. There has been so many times, where we are outside, all sandy and have to hold our bladders until we rinse off, dry and then go in the house use the bathroom. Well I decided to do something about that. Using the scraps from landscaped coconut trees, I decided to build a 3-sided, camouflaged corral. This would provide privacy, yet views of the ocean and a convenience to the males (Matt and I) of Costa de Oro. I think it’s appropriate to use the word “manscape” do describe this new feature to our backyard.

While keeping busy outide, I was actually cooking inside the house. I had been cooking a whole chicken (which had been season/dry rubbed over night) in a rice cooker! Several weeks ago, our only dishware that could go in the oven broke, so we have been using the oven less as a result. Well it was a good thing we did, because this Chicken turned out awesome. I shredded all the meat off of it which we plan to use for the next couple of days. Yum. But for lunch we ended up making some Asian stirfry (I picked some soy sauce up yesterday while in town). Eat.

Siesta. Today I thought I would try a new place to nap. The Ocean. Since it was low tide at 2pm, I headed out to the beach and laid down a quarter inch of water. Oddly enough, I slept for the next 45 mins – perfect. Run. Shower.

Prep Dinner. Tonight I decided to make Mofungo, I have been talking about this dish for a while with the housemates. Tonight was the night to make it. Two hours later, served with some AWESOME condensed chicken stock sauce, the plantain, garlic, chicken goodness was ready to be devoured! We watch some SuperBad on Netfflix for tonight’s dinner entertainment. HT Updates. Sleep.

  • Everything you need, nature can provide one way or another
  • It’s about how you “do it” not, the fact that you “did it”.
  • You can cook anything in the rice cooker

Food:  Chicken Mofungo- Originally a Dominican meal, I was first introduced this dish is Puerto Rico. Ever since I have been craving it. What place better to make it!
Animals: Crabs, Sting Ray, Dogs, Birds

Something I am thankful for: Rice Cooker. So simple yet so magical. How does it work? I know the WWW could easily tell me the correct answer, and I am pretty sure I have an idea… but this is one thing I want to keep oblivious too for a while longer. Ya know, enjoy the mystery of it all.
Something I don't want to admit: I actually had no idea what I was doing building the outdoor masterpiece. However, I learned really quickly was worked and what did not. After some design changes and using the same materials in different locations it ended up working out. Now to explain what this is to the locals when they ask…

Days of Rain: 35/51
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 1,953


Banana Pancakes


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