Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 53 – Super manG

Date: 8/22/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Superhéroe – Super Hero
Turtle Fact: Sea turtles are excellent divers. Leatherbacks routinely dive more than 305 m (1,000 ft.). They may reach depths of more than 1,190 m (3,900 ft.) seeking jellyfish for prey. 

Wake up at 1:30am for morning patrol. Today my goal was to test out my new BRIGHT red lights; I got for myself in batch of goods that my mom brought. The idea was to set up a quick “stage” after the turtle starting making a nest so I could capture the process on film, with out trying to hold the red lights still. In addition, I put on my new black rain pants, and black long sleeve athletic shirt I got as well. Stealth. Armed with all my gear (Flashlights, GoPro, Misc Straps, Granola Bars, Headlamp) I set out on patrol with Courtney and Olivia. We go 95% of the patrol with out seeing any new tracks that the first patrol haven’t already seen. On as we approach the sector before the house, I see a turtle about 5ft away from my feet just about to exit the water. PERFECT time to set up my new gear! I get everything semi setup (I am certainly going to have to make some alterations to the attachment points) and the frickin turtle decides she does not want to nest because “there too many roots in the way” – whatever. She returns back to the ocean…

Breakfast. HT Updates. This morning Olivia heads back to Playa San Miguel as currently Maddie is the only one holding down the fort over there. Hopefully she is able to release some baby turtles too as the first nest should be about ready.

This morning project consist of building a shower soap rack for the out door shower. Essentially I 1) cleaned some bamboo, 2) pounded longer pieces vertically into the ground 3) cut a smaller piece of bamboo in half 4) tied the smaller piece of bamboo to the larger vertical pieces using rope from the beach. For an extra touch, I planted some plants in the tops of the vertical bamboo. So green of me.

Lunchtime. The goal today is eat all the fish we brought home yesterday. This is the game plan, because last time, we had the fish in the fridge one too many days, in an open container. Something fishy was definitely going on in the fridge/kitchen/house. Any who – I prepare the grill for cooking. Just like before I build a big enough fire so that I am essentially cooking the fish on the coals, and not the flame. I scavenge from yard for fire starters and easily find everything I need from a palm tree. Who knew it was a one-stop shop for fire? As the fire gets going, I start to clean the fish.

SIDE-NOTE: I love evolution. In particular I love the evolution/thought process/progression of how we do things. Naturally we are lazy and try to make everything easier for ourselves (in the end).  Well, unfortunately my father did not directly teach me how to de-scale a fish.  I just have an idea based on the random memories from previous fishing trips with friends’ families and visiting the Redondo Beach Pier. Well the last time I de-scaled a fish a couple weeks ago, I used a fork, and scrapped against the grain. Scales went flying everywhere and ants love this. Even though this worked, it created such a mess. This time, I did not want to clean up a mess. So to prevent scales from flying everywhere, I submerged the fish in water and de-scaled it with a fork. SUCCESS!

After the fish was seasoned, grilled and deboned, it was time for dinner – Fish Tacos. Siesta. Updates to HT. Run. Play in waves. Dinner.

After dinner I went to smack a mosquito on my back and felt a couple of bumps. I looked down and noticed my chest and arms were covered in red bumps. Me, have an allergic reaction to food? NOOOOO. It really was not that bad, however it was noticeable… In the name of science I will be trying all the spices and food from that meal again, one at a time.


  • Uncooked Pasta can be used a great fighter starter wick
  • Descaling fish submerged in water makes for easy cleanup
  • When there is no Ikea or Bed Bath & Beyond close enough, just build it
  • We all have our weaknesses

Food:  Fish Tacos – Red Snapper, guacamole, cabbage, CHEESE, home made salsa and rice.
Animals: Fish, Birds, Dogs, Crabs

Something I am thankful for: Universal Taste buds. I am glad my taste buds like (or have acquired the taste) for most all foods. Otherwise, I would be certainly missing out.
Something I don't want to admit: At least once a day, I pretend I am some sort of super hero: from dressing up all in black and patrolling the beach with my fancy accessories, or body surfing a wave into shore – superman style. It’s great. It happens so naturally, and then I bring myself back to earth once I think about how I can make this a reality. Maybe one of these days. Until then I have Marvel and Capcom to keep my fantasies alive.

Days of Rain: 34/49 – Slight sprinkle during the middle of the day
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 1,953

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