Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 51 – Don’t Turn Around

Date: 8/20/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Perrito - Puppy
Turtle Fact: Green sea turtles can stay under water for as long as five hours even though the length of a feeding dive is usually five minutes or less. Their heart rate slows to conserve oxygen: nine minutes may elapse between heartbeats.

Continues from the night before… 4am I head out on my morning patrol, “hahn” solo style (alone). After walking only a couple sectors I realize there is a poacher 3 sectors ahead of me. This must have been a rookie as they used their white flashlight, more than my younger brother, his first night at Boy Scouts camp. I walk at a faster pace then him and finally pass him at sector 12. At that point he turns around and heads back south. Luckily during the time that I was following him, he did not find any turtles. I continue heading north until I get to sector one, where I find a turtle just as she is walking back into the water. I speedily grab her measurements and find the eggs with ease. 88 eggs later I am walking back to hatchery to tuck them in! Afterwards I did a quick walk in the south and did come across a poached nest, that some dogs found (as there was broken eggs scattered around the opening). We broke even.

After all the equipment was put away, I go for a morning run and was accompanied by the puppy for most the time… cute little thing. After showering, I grab some breakfast and head to the beach for a morning siesta. After waking up I work on some HT updates, clean a little house and make some lunch (flavored Rice and beans). After lunch, Matt and I pick up some trash (new daily ritual) and collect some bamboo sticks for future building projects.  All sandy and sweaty, I go play in the ocean for a bit.

I finish off some more HT updates and go for a small run before dinner. Rinse/shower. Eat. Siesta/Nap.

  • Puppies get tired easily
  • Every day the tide brings new trash
  • The morning hours of the day are really under rated for napping
  • Keep alarm clocks not within arms reach.

Food:  Garlic/Butter biscuits. Courtney made some homemade biscuits. Yum.
Animals: Turtle (eggs), Dogs, Crabs

Something I am thankful for: Flavor. It turns rice and other bland foods into such savory tidbits!
Something I don't want to admit: FML. I did it again. I slept through my slated patrol time. But this time I had set the alarm on my watch. Little did I know that I am very agile and can turn things off in my sleep. Lesson learned, keep alarm clocks not within arms reach. Don’t worry this won’t be a habit. Promise.

Days of Rain: 32/47
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 1,953

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