Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 47 – Christina G is coming to Town

Date: 8/16/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Madre - Mother
Turtle Fact: Unlike other turtles, sea turtles cannot retract their legs and head into their shells.

4am wake up. I head out on patrol (solo). On my walk, I find one poached nest and one set of tracks which ultimately was a false crawl (turtle walks up, tries to nest, but doesn’t and returns back to the water). On my way back to the house I pass the “friendly” poacher we had first encountered on one of our first patrols in Costa de Oro. We exchange a couple of words to the fact that there were not many turtles out last night. We nod, exchange Pura Vida and continue on our way.

Back at the house (6:30am), I grab some breakfast and post up with my computer to make sure I intercept any communication that comes through. I finally get some communication that she is leaving the hotel and will be here in about 4 hours. A couple of hours later the rest of the house wakes up. I spend the rest of the morning updating HelpingTurtles. Lunch.

Maddie gets a call from Pretoma (San Miguel) and just got confirmation that my Mom just left the San Miguel office. For whatever reason, she made it to that location (which I never gave her directions too). I throw on some sandals and run down the road to intercept her.

She turns down the road as I am 200 ft away from the house. She pulls up in a little red car, a 2012 Toyota Yaris. She jumps out of the car for an embracing hug – “I made it”. I jump in the car for 45 secs as we pull up to the house. I introduce her to the house and the “vacation” begins. While in the backyard (next to the ocean) I crack a young coconut on a tree and welcome her to Costa Rica. Before we head out again, my mom unloads “the goods” she brought me. This is a compilation of things I: ordered, had roommates scavenger hunt for in storage, got produced, got donated from friends and family and ALL sent to my Mom’s house. You will see these things slowly released into my everyday ventures and will be called out accordingly. THANKS IN ADVANCE PEOPLE!

We (Maddie, Wilson, Mom and I) jump in the car and head to Tanga’s. This is a little shack right on the ocean that sells authentic ceviche. Once we arrives, we find out that it had closed for the day already (FML). However we travel a quarter mile in land to this bar/restaurant and fulfill out ceviche cravings – just what we needed. Matt had surfed to this location and joined us on our car ride back – surfboard and all (remember, small car, 5 people and a surfboard, inside).

We drop off the gang at the house, pick up a few items and head to Laguna Mar, where my Mom will be staying for the next couple of nights. If you remember, this is the same place, where we have gone previously for lunch and cocktails a couple times previous.

Once we pull up to the Hotel Laguna Mar, we are greeted my Michael. He helps run the place when Drew (owner) is out of town. He brings us to the room and gives us a welcome fruity cocktail. What a great entrance. We ask for a dinner menu and end up ordering a quesadilla to share as we had already eaten a little while ago. We are notified dinner was ready and head down to the bar/dinning area. As we sit down, the table is set and a little desert is brought out to us. Next we are served a salad, then Quesadilla then ice-cream and cookies. Keep in mind we ordered only one quesadilla to share. What a fantastic meal. Our family loves food and what a perfect way to introduce Mom to Costa Rica (other than 1.5 days of driving a 4 hour trip) by over delivering on the most simple of meals.

We catch up for a while and get some rest. Sleep.

(No patrol - night off)

  • Better late than never

Food:  Ceviche. Did you know that ceviche is sorta like Spanish sushi? It’s fresh fish (raw) that sits in lime juice for 5 hours.
Animals: Millipedes, Moths, Crabs, Lizards

Something I am thankful for: Being Loved. It really shows at what lengths your family and friends will go for you. Whether it means driving all over a foreign country to see you or flying to the opposite coast to help you win a contest, or give you a job when you need it most. Love you too.
Something I don't want to admit: I really didn’t think she was going to make it. Not knowing her exact depature date out of the country, I figured that if she did not make it by tonight, she would have just ended up driving back to the airport. I am glad that I am not always right…or maybe I was and it never got to it…

Days of Rain: 28/43
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 1,865

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