Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 46 – Call Me, Maybe

Date: 8/15/12

Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day: El Esperar - Waiting
Turtle Fact: Most turtle species have five toes on each limb with a few exceptions including the American Box Turtle of the carolina species that only has four toes, and in some cases, only three

…Continues from the early morning patrol.

Today Mom arrives to Costa de Oro. She flew into San Jose late last night, got a hotel near the airport. This morning we was picking up a rental car and then starting her drive to me. She should be here around Noon. 1st Breakfast (cereal). After a couple hours we decide on making a 2nd breakfast – last night’s left over rice, squished down into rice patties and then browned on each side. They ended up tasting like hash browns.

Last night was a real big night for Matt and I. We got a small taste of what the next couple months will be like for us… and to be honest, I super excited – more than I thought I would. With that said, I am always one to improve efficiencies and make (my) life easier. In this case, save more turtles. Seeing as how even with a great turnout last night, we still had 3 nest that were poached. One of these nests for sure could have been saved, had we not been on foot. I have to do something about that – find some bikes. I spend the rest of the morning researching bike stores, used bikes and trying to put together a sponsorship program for businesses in the area. Lunch. No Mom

This afternoon, I work on small tasks and check my email/voicemail/front yard periodically for my contact from mom. Nada. I update the turtle charts, hatchery tags, remove the new crabs from the hatchery, fix the gap in the door of the hatchery and play in the waves. No Mom.

I shave, shower and clean up. I allowed my scruff to grow for a while, as there was no one to impress other than the turtles. But now that Mom was coming into town, I had a reason to get nice. Meanwhile, our neighbor offered to let us his washer and dryer. YES PLEASE! No Mom.

By now I start on dinner. Still no word from Mom. Eat. A little while later, I get a Google voicemail from my Mom (I had her download Talkatone – an Android App that allows you to call US numbers for free while connected to the internet) and she is in Cobano (a city 33km away) and she is staying there for the night as it is dark out. For a second there I almost got worried. Siesta/Sleep.

  • Us males are always waiting on females, no matter the relation
  • The Internet is everywhere… you just need to find it.
  • Rivers and Rain make and brake your travel in Costa Rica

Food: Coconut Oatmeal – Maddie ended up recycling some coconut shaving (recently used to make coconut milk for some ice cream) and mixed it together with oatmeal and some other sweetening goodness and made a type of granola. Spoonfuls of goodness occurred throughout the day.
Animals: Wasps, Lizards, Dogs, Crabs

Something I am thankful for: Google. I love that Google has made products such as Google Voice and Talkatone. Not to mention they are free, easy to use and available anywhere you have internet.
Something I don't want to admit: I should have helped my mom prepare for her journey to Costa Rica more. With younger brother’s visit that went sooo smooth with very little preparation, I figured this would be the same. I shouldn’t ass-u-me.

Days of Rain: 28/42
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 1,865

P.s. No pictures as my phone (main source of camera) was damaged from the rain from the night previous. FML

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