Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 43 – Run’n the Game on the Beach

Date: 8/12/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica 

Word of the day: Vivero - Hatchery
Turtle Fact:   Turtles live on every continent except Antarctica

7am Wake up. Today I decide to do a new routine. Every day (or at least I have tried) I go for a little “yog” along the beach just a couple km in either direction during the afternoon hours, right before dinner. As I am doing this I am usually entertaining myself with a game called, don’t step on the sharp shells. As I play this game, I am always looking for interesting beach treasures. Coincidently I am also looking for anything that looks out of place – like old turtle tracks.  Well if I do this run in the early morning hours… then maybe I can hit 4 birds with one stone.

I start my run heading south. Five sectors later (500 meters = .3 miles) I notice some turtle tracks. Since I patrolled this side last night, I new that this had to be a new nest. As I walk up to the nest, I notice a turtle eggs, torn open and empty. I continue walking closer and notice there was a size able hole, right where the tracks stop. Damn a poached/eaten nest. I look around and can easily identify dog and human footprints. Before conceding to the notion that all of these eggs have been taken, I dig a little myself. I STRUCK GOLD! It appears a dog just dug up one of the eggs, and perhaps the owner (perhaps a turtle friendly human) has stop their dog. I found 77 eggs! Well it looks like my run “worked out” after all. Success.

Breakfast. Today we are heading to Laguna Mar (Hotel just outside of San Miguel, that we had gone previously for lunch and a couple drinks) for the newest Brits (Laura and Kirsty) for a going away lunch. A car from the hotel arrives to pick us up at 12pm. This hotel is quit some distance away and would miserable to walk to in the middle of the day. Plus the owner, Drew, is a fan of our organization and any business is good business! Once we arrive we play some games of Othello, chillax in the pool and enjoy a great lunch. I went with the Mac’n’Cheeze Chorizo – remember that cheese is a delicacy for Americans (me) in Costa Rica. Good food, good times.

SIDENOTE: Othello was great childhood memory. I remember playing this game the Original Nintendo system. Randomly clicking on spots, hoping they would flip over – this strategy is oddly similar to my Words with Friends, years later.

We get a ride back to the house and start cleaning for the exodus of people tomorrow. Dinner. Earlier in the day Courtney had prepared some pizza dough, and has been letting it rise while we were out. We made pizza. It was great. I wish we had more. However, knowing that homemade pizza can turn out GREAT in Costa Rica, I have a feeling we will be making some more in the really near future.

Patrol. Kirsty, Laura and myself set out for patrol at 9pm. We ended up switching how we do patrols. Now we walk the entire beach (North and South). We will head first (most active beach for nesting), circle back once we get to the estuary and stop at the house for a 15 min break. During that time the 2nd shift heads north. After the break is over we continue south the rocks. The rocks is an area around sector 32. We have noticed that turtles rarely go past point, and our time would be better devoted patrolling the north end. So as we start out patrol walking North, we come across our first turtle in sector 12. We tag and bag (turtle and eggs respectively) and continue on. We find tracks and a nest in sector 9. We continue the rest of the patrol with no turtles/tracks in site. (The other shift ended up getting 3 more nests!)

  • “I don’t stop until I know she’s sasified” – Clarence Carter
  • When it rains it pours (eggs)
  • When shafts, holes, sticks and eggs are involved, be careful.

Food:  PIZZA (with cheese,  bbq sauce, onion, mushroom and sweet red pepper)
Animals: Turtles, Dogs, Crabs

Something I am thankful for: Business Savvy People who run businesses. It’s great to take advantage of opportunities (in a good way) to create new relationships and basis for future business
Something I don't want to admit: When trying to find a the 2nd nest of eggs for the night, I was poking around in the sand with a thin stick, looking for the nesting shaft that leads to the eggs. When you put pressure on top of this shaft, your stick slides right down the hole, compared to just depressing into the sand  couple inches. Well as I was doing this, I put most my weight into the stick as I search for the hole. Well in one of the pokes, I found it. But as I found it, I lost my balance and fell to the ground to avoid shoving the stick far into the hole, and hitting the eggs.

Days of Rain: 24/38
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 1,110

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