Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 39 - Measuring Up (or across)

Date: 8/8/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica

Word of the day:  El Descascarar - Husking
Turtle Fact: Sea turtles sleep at the surface in the open ocean or on the bottom or under ledges in inshore waters for up to several hours at a time.

3:30am wake up. Journal/Updates. 6am Siesta. 8am Breakfast. Journal/Updates. Lunch.

Sidenote: There once was a time I got into this unhealthy addiction of not sleeping and surviving with normal amount of energy on very minimal sleep, without the aid of drugs, other than just being high on life. I was able to accomplish so much (mainly preparing for my turtle campaign and my trip to Costa Rica). Well it seems that I have fallen back into the habit. With trying to maximize my daylight time (and not staying outside to get eaten alive) to work on the hatchery and get it up and running as soon as possible, this has left me little to no time during normal “awake” hours to work on HelpingTurtles stuff. Thus the early hours… Don’t worry, in a week or so, after everything is worked out and completed I shall return back to normal!

After lunch I put my working gloves back on (Thank you IndyCar Motor Sports) and got back to work de-barking the 4 new posts we shopped yesterday. Once we finished, the posts were set in place and the remainder of the fence was set in place. Ught ohhh… there was some miscalculations and not the fence is short by 1.5 meters. No worries though, we ended up making arrangements to get some additional fence tomorrow from the Pretoma Coyote Office. At this point there has been a solid crew of Tico’s (mostly younger  8- 18 year olds) that have been showing up every day around 3pm to give us a hand. They have been really helpful. Even with the language barrier, laughs, coconut drinks and an extra hand performing a awkward tasks have been seamless.

On that note, Courtney was talking with some of the Tico children and mentioned that anytime they need help with their English homework, to bring it by the house. At the five kids listening, starting running towards their house. In a matter of minutes, they came sprinting back with Crayons, Markers and sheets of paper. For the next 45mins they sit in our kitchen working on spelling and Grammar.  Building a hatchery and patrolling the beaches at night/early morning is the not the only things we do here at Pretoma. We also get involved with the community. You will certainly see/hear more of this as we get settled into our new area.

The English volunteers (Kirsty and Laura) had made dinner for us while we were working the hatchery. It’s so nice to come into a house after a hard days work to great smelling food and set dinner table. We have pasta with Meatballs. YUM.

Patrol. Laura, Kirsty and I head north on the beach for patrol. It rains for the first half of our walk. No tracks no Turtles.

  • Measure twice, cut once.
  • Too many hands in the cookie, and no one can pull their cookie out without breaking it.

Food:  Pasta w/ Meatballs
Animals: Crabs, Dogs, Birds

Something I am thankful for: Closed toed sandals. I knew they existed but I had never owned any until recently. I L O V E them. Thank you Northface & Moosejaw.
Something I don't want to admit: I was slightly selfishly disgruntled when the kids came into the house so we could help them with their homework, as my stomach was already to eat after smelling the food. Remember Vic, it’s for the kids – our future.

Days of Rain: 21/35
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 730

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