Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 36 - Whats your Vector Victor?

Date: 8/5/12
Location: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica 

Word of the day: Voluntario - Volunteers
Turtle Fact: Turtle eggs that are first laid, resemble an oddly shaped ping-pong ball. At this point they are kind of “squishy” as this allows the egg to fall from the mother (about 45cm) without breaking. After a couple the days, the eggs shell harden (in the nest/sand) and become fragile/strong as chicken eggs we normally used to seeing. 

7am wake up. I spend the first couple of hours updating social media outlets and grab some quick breakfast. I start working on the “road” just as the volunteers from San Miguel show up. Today was the day we set out to complete the hatchery (or at least the filling sand part). There was a little bit of delayed start as all the volunteers caught up on the newest Costa Rica gossip, since this was the first time everyone has seen each other since late last week. We finally get going for the next 2.5 hours.

11:30am our San Miguel folks take off back to their beach. Even though we did not finish the hatchery we got damn near close. Tomorrow we should finish It for sure. Lunch.

In the afternoon, Matt and I finish measuring and adding sector posts to the beach (just above the tide lines). We end up going all the way to sector 45. At this point we are only 500m from the river where we helped out with the fish yesterday.

Dinner. We finish pan-frying the rest of the fish we got yesterday. We had to as our fridge was STINKING and I have this issue with letting things (food) go to waste. Chillax.

Patrol at 9pm. Kristy (one of two new volunteers from England) and I head south on the beach. Half way through our patrol it started to rain. Honestly this is only the second time this has ever happened (even though I hear I need to get used to it). In fact this evening was probably the coldest it has ever gotten while I have been in Costa Roca. – enough even to give me a couple goose bumps. No tracks, no turtles… BUT THEN… just as we get to the house Courtney runs in the house informing us that there is a turtle 1 sector north of us. So we join in on the fun. This larger Olive Ridley sea turtle just laid 101 eggs. YAY! Now since the hatchery is not complete, we move the eggs to a location closer to our house, were we can still monitor them, and not have the poachers take them (hopefully).

  • There are turtles on this beach
  • Strength in numbers hides the weak, or just exemplified them

Food:  Fried Fish, Squash, Coconut Popsicle
Animals: Turtle (eggs), Crabs, Dogs

Something I am thankful for: Refrigerators – without them, our food would spoil, much much quicker.
Something I don't want to admit: I have not washed my 2 sets of clothes I have been wearing in rotation in the past 2 weeks. I should do something about that.

Days of Rain: 18/32
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 730

... and moving more sand

our helpers

good sunset

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