Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 32 - Mi Casa Su Casa

Date: 8/1/12
Start: San Miguel, Costa Rica
End: Costa de Oro, Costa Rica 

Word of the day: Nuevo Hogar - New Home
Turtle Fact: Poachers are not interested in turtle eggs after they have “baked” in the sun (in the sand). What I’m trying to say is that eggs will not get poached after 10am or so.  

9am wakeup. These late night walks are really cutting into my waking up early morning with the beach! Breakfast. Well it is the last morning I will have in the Playa San Miguel Pretoma House. Sad, but very exciting that I will actually be living in the same place for the next 3 months. The lifestyle, day to day contacts (other volunteers) and amenities (near by store, having food cooked for us) will certainly be missed. However I can (hopefully) start actually unpacking my items, and really start to take ownership on this new beach.

The rest of the morning is filled with gathering my belongings scattered through the land plot (hammock, axe, shoes, etc…) and semi packing them neatly so they fit in my bags. Looking back, I am glad I brought as much/little as I did as I am actually using the majority of the items and will continue to do so at the new house. Kudos to me. Lunch.
After lunch, Matt and I get a ceremonial ice cream treat and gather out last minute items before the truck picks us up at 1:30pm. The truck arrives on time and we all pile in and head over to Costa de Oro – Good bye Playa San Miguel. Don’t worry I’ll wave to you from the other side of the estuary.

After arriving at the house we drop our bags off in the house, get a little tour from the property manager and then get right to work with the hatchery. We work for a solid 3 hours in the sun. I am so happy that Tico’s seem to show up and help, because us (I use the word us very very loosely) Northern Americans are not labor-intensive people. At this point I would say we are a good 2/5 done filling the hatchery.

After putting away the work site (returning borrowed wheel barrels and shovels, moving planks of wood so the tide does not take them away) we finally get to unpack our things! It looks like Matt and I are going to share a bedroom (each use a bunk bed – one for storage one for sleeping) and the master bedroom will be used by the coordinators (Courtney or Maddie – depending on who is living there that week). However for the next couple of nights we are in separate rooms to get our alone time in, before the other room he is currently in is occupied by new volunteers.

As we unpack, a supply of dry goods (food) is dropped off o use. The remainder of the food (fruits and veggies) will come tomorrow. It appears they will be dropping off food for the week. Which means we need to ration and plan ahead what we are having each day and how much – no late night cooking L. With that sad, we will have to cook for ourselves for the next couple of days until they can finalize the details with the new chef. We end up making pasta with mushrooms (canned) and asparagus (powdered) soup – remember dried good are all we have. Clean. Siesta. Patrol.

Courtney, Matt and I patrol the beach heading north on Costa de Ors’s beach. At the moment we are not gathering eggs, as the hatchery is not completed yet (our goal is to finish it by Monday). Rather, while on the beach for the next couple of nights, we will look for turtle, poacher and vehicle activity to see what we are to expect for the next several months. We find only one set of tracks (not actual turtle though – false crawl) and 3 poachers. Sleep.

  • There’s no place like home
  • Tico’s are hard workers in and out of the sun

Food:  Asparagus Soup, Pasta, Cliff Bars
Animals: Dogs, Crabs

Something I am thankful for: Community Service. I have glad to see that there is community involvement with building the hatchery. Every time we work on this project in Costa de Oro, many of the same and new faces help out, from the comuunity!
Something I don't want to admit: I was really getting used to taking showers outside (but still wearing a bathing suite in “nevernude” fashion. Now that we have moved to this new house with an awesome, functioning shower, I don’t have an excuse to take a shower outside any more.

Days of Rain: 15/28
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 533

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