Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 31 - Birthday Boy

Date: 7/31/12
Location: San Miguel, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Feliz Cumpleaños – Happy Birthday 
Turtle Fact: Poachers are not interested in turtle eggs after they have “baked” in the sun (in the sand). What I’m trying to say is that eggs will not get poached after 10am or so.

Happy Birthday Joe Maisano (Dad)!

8:30am wake up. After eating breakfast, I Google talk my dad for a quick “Happy Birthday” session. He sounded pretty busy at the moment, so our conversation will have to continue later in the future. Update Journal. I find that the morning hours are the best to times to update my journal and HelpingTurtles site. I think it’s the combination of faster Internet speeds, coffee and sitting outside while it is cooler, but still bright out.

Lunch. Feeling motivated, I walk the beach to find some large driftwood for the tide-break wall in front of the hatchery. I find a couple of larger pieces in the area and add/rearrange the large logs to make them fit accordingly. Next, I rake the beach in front of the house. I’m doing this simply because the night before, I stuck my foot on something sharp (debris) and it was not a nice feeling. To ensure this doesn’t happen again I did something about it.

OK – now it’s me time… I hopes to continue my artistic skills I head to the beach (5ft away at this point) and start on today’s structure – Pyrmid & Sphinx. It did not turn out so bad. But the next time I do something in unfamiliar territory, I will certainly be taking a look at some Google images before hand. Run. Shower Dinner
After dinner, we stop at the store for a little bit of ice cream (that everyone has been raving about and eating 2x a day). Not too shabby. It was like a ice cream sandwhich that you had to eat with a spoon and the cookie was made out of graham cracker. For not being an ice cream man it tasted pretty good. As I ate my ice cream, Matt and I finished our movie we had started the day before. Siesta. Patrol.
Matt and I had the late Patrol from 2-4am, heading south on the beach. Technically this would be our last time patrolling Playa San Miguel, before moving to Costa de Oro’s beach. As luck would have it, we nearly walk over a turtle!

SIDENOTE: So there are those semi-stray dogs everywhere. Sometimes, these dogs join us on our walks. When then do, they spend most of their time chasing crabs all across the beach, digging holes here. Fortunately, they leave the turtles alone and stay clear when there is one in the vicinity. Regardless, these holes they dig, often look like a turtle nest, from a distance, because of the fresh dug sand on the surface.  Stupid Dogs.

This Olive Ridely turtle was on the smaller side and only laid 76 eggs. Matt collected the eggs as I tagged, measured and document the turtle. Success 2 nights in a row! Sleep – our last night in the San Miguel .

  • Ice cream tastes good when it’s hot out
  • Do your homework before you work
  • Dogs like to dig for crabs

Food:  Ice Cream
Animals: Dogs, Turtles, Lizards

Something I am thankful for: My Dad. Even though we are lengths apart – we still love each other the same.  
Something I don't want to admit: When you tag the turtle, you are supposed to this when she is laying her eggs. At this point in time she goes into a trance (or at least Olive Ridley’s do) which allowes them to only concentrate on laying eggs and nothing else (ie me). Well as soon as I was getting out the materials to tag her, she started back filling in her nest, which means the laying of the eggs are over with – I’m late! Well I made the best of the situation and tagged her successfully. Next time I’ll be ready.

Days of Rain: 15/27
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 533

"Ready" digging for crabs

Matt putting the 76 eggs into the hatchery

Sand Creations for the day

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