Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 30 - Fried

Date: 7/30/12

Location: San Miguel, Costa Rica 
Word of the day: Mala Opción – bad choice

Turtle Fact:  Myth on painting turtle shells: The turtles shell needs exposure to air. It must be able to dry out when it is basking. Also it needs to have access to UVB light while basking to keep the shell strong. If you paint the shell you will block out the needed light to absorb the calcium to keep them healthy and their shell strong.
8:15am wake up. Recap. Eat Breakfast. After cleaning up breakfast, Courtney, Maddie, Matt and I head next door to our make shift office (on a porch, away from the rest of the volunteers) and we discuss up future updates as well as logistics for the new project in Costa de Oro. I miss these types of meetings (granted they have always taken place in a meeting room over looking Lake Michigan or Millennium Park), but I suppose catching a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean through the Coconut bearing trees will have to do. All of this was in preparation for our meeting with Lotti this afternoon. Lunch.

After get back and straighten up the house, Lotti arrives with Sandra. We discuss everything and anything about the Projects at San Miguel and Costa de Oro. We learn that we will most likely have a chef at the new house that will double as a local volunteer patrol walker. I am happy and sad at this fact. Sad because I was looking forward to cooking all the meals for everyone and myself (for some reason it is ingrained in my DNA that feeding people is a selfish satisfying feeling). However having a local, on a “new beach” far out ways my personal feelings. After the meeting I was overall satisfied, even though some questions where still not answered (due to other factors outside of anyone’s control)

To get my activity in for the day, I head to the beach for some sand sculpting. Anyone that has been the beach with me knows I LOVE to build things in the sand. My downfall is that is usually takes FOREVER to do make (detail orientated). With this though in mind, I limit myself to 1:15min-sculpting time to make a sea turtle. Simple, iconic and great way to start the sand sculpting season.

Run. Shower. Before dinner I had ½ hour to kill. Outside was pretty crappy (raining) and the common area was pretty full of volunteer’s playing card games. I look to technology for entertainment and find a movie on the computer to watch until dinner – A guy thing. It’s not the greatest movie but it will do. Dinner.

After dinner Matt and I head to the Flying Scorpion for some fast internet access. The place ended up closing at 8pm so we ended up having very limited time there. Once we got back to the house I worked on some HelpingTurtle Stuff and continued a little more of the movie. Siesta. Patrol.

I had 1am patrol with the “blondes” (Kristen and Lauren) and Matt. We headed north. Within the first 20mins we found tracks (no turtle). Within minutes we were able to find the nest. YES! 110 eggs later we continue walking the beach. Keeping in mind this is the 3rd nest that night our beach has seen, we are eager to find more… no dice though. Sleep.

  • No matter where you are working, things generally run the same
  • You can never be too prepared
  • Fried foods in can be consumed in moderation if not consumed for some time

Food:  Tacos, Garlic French Fries
Animals: Frog, Turtle Eggs, Lizards, Dogs

Something I am thankful for: Organizational skills. One thing I am grateful to have learned from family and coworkers is the use of tools to keep oneself organized. It does nothing but keep you efficient and professional – or as professional as you can be wearing a bathing suit in a lawn chair.
Something I don't want to admit: When I went to the Flying Scorpion, after dinner, I ordered a plate of Garlic Fries. Dinner was great, but it did not satisfy my belly cavity. With that said, I “mowed” them down. 30mins later my stomach hated me due not having friend foods in a while. Lesson learned.

Days of Rain: 14/26
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 457

first sand creation...

Kristen digging out the Nest

Lauren placing the turtle eggs in the hatchery

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