Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 3 - FLL > Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Date: July 4, 2012

Start: FLL
End: Tarmac, FL

Word of the day: Tortuga - I took the cheap way out

I woke up a good 3 hours later (4:30am) to a janitorial associate vacuuming the entrance the ticket counter entrance. At that time the ticketing agents just opened for business and there was only a handful of people gawking at my Urban Airport Oasis. I get my ticket, head to the WC and take a mini airport shower - deodorant, wash face with hand soap and brush my teeth with the inside of my shirt sleeve. I decide to wake up a bit and grab Café con Leche from the only open food stand which also had some  Jamaican Patties (I went with the Hot Beef and Jerk Chicken - thanks Bram and Kelsey for enlightening me).

After enjoying a little breakfast, I head into the terminal (past security) and look for my flight on the screen. Funny thing about that is the fact that my flight wasn't on there. I head to the Spirit Counter and inquire about it - " We are updating our system as we speak. The information should be on there within the next 30 mins." So I take a mini cat nap in a chair with my neck pillow, directly in front of screen. Don't worry I set my alarm for 8am for my 10:45am flight).
        BACKTRACK - After the coffee and before the security, I walked by a shop that was selling those neck pillows. A nice old lady holla'd at me from a store and told me I look like I need some sleep and that I should buy a pillow to "get you what you need". Flirting back and to kill some time, I checked it out. End of story - I ended up buying a one. (after sitting in that middle seat from LAX and then thinking of the 6hr+ bus rides I will be taking, I convinced myself that this $15 was a great investment.

I wake up and still no information about my plane (flight 755). I proceed to the ticket counter only to find out the plane as been canceled. FML. At this point in time, I arrange my baggage to stay for another day and contact Mom & Dad to debrief on the situation. It comes to find out I have a cousin on my Dad's side that lives in the area (I'm Italian so I have "cousins" everywhere). After getting in contact him (Sam G- someone I don't think I have ever met) it turns out he is watching over a house for next week in Boca Raton. Mom had a couple of friends in the airline industry that ended up coming to my rescue!

Janet (previous co-worker with Mom) picks me up and drops me off at Molly's (current co-worker of Mom's). I spend the afternoon catching up with sleep, Rosetta (stone), Turtleness Let's Go (CR Guide Book) and played with their loving Dog (forgot the name). I also head for a little run (awesomely hot and muggy - not - but I shouldn't complain as I will be spending my next 4 months in this exact weather...) and head to the pool for a swim/cool down. After Janet got out of work, we all went to Dinner at this Irish Pub. This is one of those places where just after you walk in, you have no idea what time the day it is, as there is not natural sunlight - ANYWHERE. Good food, was eaten and stories where shared.

After dinner we drop of Molly and head to Janet's for the night. I end up passing out by 10pm for an AWESOME nights rest.

  • Networking is King
  • Small things (like neck pillows) make a difference - that's what she said
  • Jamaican Patties are good even at 4:50am!
  • Don't underestimate a good night's sleep

Food: $2 airport Jamaican Patties and coffee con leche

Something I don't want to admit: During my run, I came to this bridge that stretches across the river. Half way through I stop and enjoy the scenery. As I am taking it in all in I hear a faint buzzing noise. As I look around with me eagle eyes, I bend over the ledge to get a closer look/hear. I am thinking this has to be one large inset or a bunch of bees. As I do this, a SeaDoo comes racing from underneath the bridge - I jump while leaning over the ledge and nearly fall into the shallow river 25" below. What a scardy cat.


There is a section on standby flights - I should have listened!

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