Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 29 - Going cocoNuts

Date: 7/29/12

Location: San Miguel, Costa Rica
Word of the day: Siesta - An afternoon rest or nap, esp. one taken during the hottest hours of the day in a hot climate.
Turtle Fact: Sea Turtles can live over 100 years. The oldest recorded age of a turtle was 250 years in India.  

7:00am wake up. I head to the kitchen to clean up last night’s mess and prepare some coffee for the morning. Nick gets up at 7:30am and we head to the beach to enjoy some coffee and coconut crème (my new favorite morning treat) and a banana. We recap the night and try to plan out the next visit (I hope). 8:30am Nick takes off for Liberia Airport (3 hours away). I have a little bit of breakfast the girls made and we prepare to leave at 9am for Costa de Oro.

We arrive a little after 9:30am and get working right away. We borrow a couple of extra wheel barrels from down the road, at a construction site. While there I notice a bunch of used wood in a large piles. We ask (via sherrads) to see if we can borrow these planks. These would be perfect to lay across the sand and move the wheel barrels across and we move sand from the beach to the hatchery hole. Communication effective!

For the next 3.5 hours we all work on the hatchery. Today was mostly cloud clover, however we were still dropping with sweat. To bad Nicko wasn’t around to see this happen…

Around 1pm we get a ride back to the house and get some lunch. Everyone is completely drained from the hard work and last night festivities. With that sad, I set up the hammock and pass out for the next 2 hours. Feeling very much refreshed, I head out for a run along the beach. I really look forward to this part of the day. It’s just so beautiful around 5pm and knowing that I will be working up an appetite, and then eating immediately after showering (clean) it just a great feeling. Shower. Eat. Recap. Patrol.

Kristen, Lauren, Matt, Courtney and I have late night patrol along the hole beach starting at 1am. Even though the early group got a turtle, we did not. Sleep.

P.s. We had coconut flan for dinner and it was AWESOME!

  • Sharp machetes make quick work of coconuts
  • Wet sand weighs significantly more than dry sand

Food:  Quesadillas, Flan
Animals: Crabs, Monkeys, Birds, Lizards, Cats, Dogs, Spiders

Something I am thankful for: Water and quenching thirst. I know that many places in the world do not have water or clean enough water to drink from. Living in large cities, where water seems like a commodity it’s very easy to forget how readily available it really is, especially when it has been recently dubbed “liquid gold” in recent news stories.

Something I don't want to admit: So during the last ½ hour of working at the hatchery today I was SOOO thirsty and one of the locals, got a coconut, cut open a small section and gave it to me to drink. He actually gave me 2, when I only really wanted one. So I gave the extra one to the little (local) kids that joined us. When I did this, they thought I was offering them both the coconuts… so I had to fork the other one over. Dang kids for being cute. At this point I was SOOO thirsty and just wanted to drink the damn thing. So I hustled back to the coconut tree, grabbed a new one, cut it open and drank it record timing.

Days of Rain: 13/25 – light

Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 347

The Hatchery after today

Heading over to Costa de Oro


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