Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 28 - Brotherly Love

Date: 7/28/12

Location: San Miguel, Costa Rica
Word of the day:  Hermano - Brother

Turtle Fact: Turtles are distracted and often scared of the white light, our regular flashlights provide. Like most aquatic animals though, turtles cannot see the color red. In fact studies show that green and blue lights may not also been seen.

6:30am wake up. I have learned that the roosters start to really start crowing at 6:37am. However a couple of them get a little excited a little but premature – thus for my 6:30am wake ups.

WOOO Nicko comes today. I check my messages and learn that he left San Jose around 5am, which means he should be here around 9ish. I help Courtney start breakfast as we make folded omelets with ham and potatoes.  I must say I have finally figured out the best way to make home fries. Boil them half way through and then finish them off by pan frying them in oil and seasoning in the end.

SIDENOTE: Meat at the Pretoma house is a delicacy, so having ham in our breakfast was awesome!
Nick arrives at 9:30am, just in time for breakfast. I introduce him to everyone, eat breakfast and we head to the beach. I we walk in both directions and I give him the background on everyone and everything. To cool off from the morning sun we head to the ocean to play in some waves. We ride a couple waves in and then prepare for the lunch at the Flying Scorpion. Enjoying my day off and a visitor, we order a mudslide for lunch.

Afterward, we head back to the house for a siesta. If there is anything you should know about Nick is that he loves to Sleep. It probably one of his top 3 things to do – ever.  I give him a good 45 mins in a hammock, feet away from the breaking tide on the beach. Being an awesome brother, I wake him up in a tsunami like fashion (pouring a bucket of water on him). Thankfully he took this gesture in jest. We head to the ocean for some more time playing in the waves.

After rinsing off we jump in the car and head south to the Playa Coyote. Here, everyone keeps telling me of this hole in the wall ceviche hut right on the beach. We find this place with ease and order away. This place just happens to be just south of my new beach (Costa de Oro). Needless to say, I think I will be back in the future! Just south of this place are large rocks. Since it was low tide, we decide to go exploring for a bit. We find crabs, limpets and oysters on the rocks and little guppies in some tide pools that got trapped when the tide went out.

As we drive back, we stop at the grocery store to pick a couple things and then to the Pretoma Office for some dry goods for the house. While there pick up some commemorative Pretoma (Turtle Trax) T-Shirts. We arrive back at the house around 5:30pm and we prepare for dinner.  Eat.

Matt, Nicko and I head back to the beach in front of our house to prepare our adult Coco Loco drink (Flor de Cana, pineapple juice, coconut crème, coconut water, sugar and lime). We of coarse re use the coconut shells we gathered the juice from, in true fashion. We sit on the beach for the next couple of hours and catch up on life. Around 10pm we join most of the crew to Albaro’s house just down the road. As we participate in some cards games and random playlist from the 90’s, one of the people on patrol came running up to the house informing us that there is a turtle nesting as we speak, on the beach, just west of the house we are currently at. Nick and I immediately jump up and head to the beach. As soon as we get there, the mother turtle was just covering up her nest. The group of us, uncover the nest and bring them to the hatchery. Nick gets his hands a little dirty and helps in the process. Success! We retire back to the kitchen for a little midnight snack we got at the store earlier. Sleep (Nick and I share a twin size bed, head to feet).  Wow what a way to see Costa Rica (or what I do) in 16 hours.

  • Family First
  • Simple is sometimes best
  • The Maisano family loves to eat

Food:  Ceviche, PIZZA, Coco Loco
Animals: Turtle, Monkey, Lizards, Dogs, Brother, Crabs, Limpets, Oysters

Something I am thankful for: Family. It’s really great to have family that wants to visit and enjoy your company.
Something I don't want to admit: For the next month or so, I will be hording my new supply of snacks. For whatever reason, as soon I received my stash of goods from Nicko this morning, one of my first instincts was to hide it all. Granted I am always one to share my food (after I have had my fare share), I just really wanted to make sure it lasts till my next supply. The things in life that becomes important in a 3rd world country…

Days of Rain: 12/24
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 347

Nick and I at Playa Coyote

Nicko Sleeping

Nicko digging a hole and tucking in 89 turtle eggs

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