Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 27 - Surfing: Team USA

Date: 7/27/12
Location: San Miguel, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Resaca - Surf 
Turtle Fact: It takes baby turtles 3 days to hatch from their shell and climb to the surface of the the sand. 

6:30am wake up. Update journal and begin cooking breakfast. I decided to change things up a bit this morning and make breakfast fried rice. The night before I came up with this ingenious idea to use the rice I had my camera sitting in (Dead – for those of you playing the dead game) and use it for breakfast. It was a good turnout and some people had mentioned it was there best meal yet… just wait until I get my hands on some meat! (p.s. your twisted)

After helping clean up I head to the girls room. For the last couple of days they have been trying to solve the mystery of why their ceiling fan does not work. Vic the electrician to the rescue. Granted my electrician skills are not the best, but I can see what I can do. It turns out the mechanism inside the fan for switching on and off the fan was broken. SOLUTION: Make the fan turn on instantly once the light is turned. A little snip here and a twist there – boom. FIXED.  Lunch.

While at lunch we learn that the Health Department of Costa Rica came though and shut down nearly every food/vending place in town (granted there is only like 6 of them. It was either due to permits, health or saftey standards - Oh Costa Rica. Our lunch spot (Flying Scorpion) was technically shut down but remained open so we could eat - or at least that is my take on it.

After lunch, Matt, Maddie and I headed (walked) over to Costa de Oro to knock out some sector posts. We installed another 10 more posts. Now we are up to 20 posts, keeping in mind that will end up having 45 posts when it’s all said and done (each post is separated by 100m). On our walk back, I find a dead snakes. It appears that a mommy snake was giving birth to baby snacks. I can tell this as the placenta was still attached to one of the babies. After a little photo shoot, we head back to the house.

Being hot from the walk in the midday sun, we jump in the ocean. Matt and I head out to the breaking point, where the waves seems to fairly large today (12’).  We body surf. This is truly one of the first times I can say I actually body surfed on a large wave successfully. It was SOOO awesome. However the second wave I surfed “pants’d me” from the begging and I rode the wave in my birthday suit. What a feeling that was. Without going into to much detail… well maybe I don’t at all. Regardless I was not hurt and it an interesting experience with nature! Run. Shower. Dinner. Patrol.

I walked the beach south on early patrol (7pm) with Wilson and the two newest volunteers to our group. One was a science teacher and the other her student. They came here to check out the Pretoma program to see if this would be something her school/class would be interested in participating in next year. I think they will make the trek again! Well one more night with no Turtles and no Tracks. However I must say that the moon was very bright and beautiful again. I wish I had a camera with long exposure to capture it all… The late patrol ended up coming back with at least 2 nests. Sleep in excitement for Brother Nicko coming in the morning!

*Happy Birthday Doug Hahn!

  • Waves are powerful and jealous of your clothing
  • Sand is very easy to dig in with no trees or water in the immediate area
  • Google map seems to provide good directions. We shall see if this holds true tomorrow.

Food:  Fried Chicken and Breakfast fried Rice
Animals: Snake, Crab, Dog

Something I am thankful for: Having the basic knowledge NOT to get electrocuted today, while servicing the girls fan in their bedroom.
Something I don't want to admit: Ok, ok, I liked it. Ride the wave in the buff was awesome. You just feel so free and “one” with Mother Nature. It’s sorta like skinny-dipping, but your not just standing around on the edge of a pool.

Days of Rain: 11/23
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 258

old posts we are replacing

Dead Mother and baby snakes

Health Department putting stickers on the doors and windows to close them down.

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