Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 26 - Moon Shine

Date: 7/26/12
Location: San Miguel, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Luna - Moon
Turtle Fact:  Leatherback turtles have the smallest hatching success rate, however also have the largest about of eggs in each nest.

6:30am wake up and enjoy the morning waves as I updated journal and social media outlets. I filled in the  rest of my morning with helping prepare breakfast and cleaning up the living area.

Lunch. After lunch, I felt a little malicious so I headed to the hatchery to kill some crabs. Lately we started noticing that crabs are digging holes in our hatchery near where we have dug the eggs. I would like to say I snagged a couple, but that has not been confirmed as I just spear the holes with the shovel – don’t worry I preform this action nowhere near the nest plot.

Still feeling manly, I decide to fix out door handle. Since arriving, our bathroom door did not have a handle, and would always scrap on the ground. So in the middle of the night, when you would come back from patrol or early morning when I would get up, there would be this loud scraping noise coming from the bathroom every time the door opened and shut. After looking into the problem, it seems that a couple of the door panels near the bottom where loose. Since we did not have any wood glue, nor nails and a hammer, I improvised and simply tied a large loop around the height of the door. FIXED. Now for the door handle: Since the only issue with this, opening and shutting the door, I made a simple handle out of bamboo rods, bamboo shims, drift rope and some sand dollars for aesthetics. FIXED

Feeling pretty accomplished I award myself with a siesta in a hammock, on the beach, between to palm trees, in the shade – NICE. After a little cat-nap (1:15) I got for a little “yog” and swim and return just in time for dinner. Eat.

I stay at the Flying Scorpion after dinner to use the Internet until my patrol at 10pm. Patrol. Wilson, Kristen and I head north along the beach. The moon, only half full, completely lit up the beach. My eyes were not even straining to see what was in front of me. It’s really amazing how much light the moon can reflect from the sun. If searching for turtle/tracks was like this every night, then I would be a very happy volunteer! Unfortunately, with this great visibility, we did not find any turtles nor tracks. Sleep.

  • The moon is really bright in the absence of clouds
  • Cat Naps are addicting

Food:  Quesadilla
Animals: Lizards, Crabs, Birds

Something I am thankful for: Manufacturers. I am glad that ever person does not have to master each concept of life. Instead we stick to one thing or another and master it and trade goods for it.
Something I don't want to admit: The doorknob in our bathroom only ended up lasting for about 6 hours until someone (not to be named) man handled the door and broke them slightly. I am going to have to remember that above all else, things need to be made for function and not aesthetics. However I feel most things today are made to break and be replaced often

Days of Rain: 10/22
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 258


the supplies


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