Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 21 - Hotel Rewards

Date: 7/21/12
Location: San Miguel, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Listo  – Done, Im finished
Turtle Fact: Male sea turtles may never again set a foot on dry land, unless for some reason they get sick and get washed up on the shore.

  • You can say no when it comes to food
  • There is someone out there that are always wanting to entertain good people
  • Hard workers are hard do come by.

Wake up at 6:30pm to respond to emails and update journals. 8am we get picked up by the volunteers down the road and head over to Costa de Oro. We jump in the back bed of a truck and go for a bumpy ride for the next 15 minutes. On our way we see a couple of howler monkeys hangout out on power lines and in the trees near the road. We arrive with a preconceived notion that another group may have come the day before to work on digging out the hatchery. However when we arrive, it was clear that the hatchery was not touched. For us veterans, we assume the position and get right to work. The new volunteers started off strong. Towards the end, you can tell the heat and work was getting the best of everyone. We wrap up a little after 11am and indulge in some snacks provided to us.

We get a ride back to the house and prepare the next part of the day: being wined and dined. After walking up to the gates at the bottom of the hill we were greeted by some other guests that were attending this gathering, but they were in vehicles. We hitch a ride to the top, which ends up being a 10 min trip up the hill, bumpy all the way. Once we approached the property, we can easily tell that we have arrived in paradise. The house/common area sits on the top of the hill with more of a 180-degree view of the Pacific Ocean. There are multiple levels, where various areas are set up: Hammocks, Pool, Kitchen and Dinning Areas. Each section is elegant, yet very simplistic and were made of cement, wood and stone.

We are introduced to the homeowners Zene and Hanir as well as their individuals at the party. Most of them are fellow Expats that stay in Costa during the summer months. With that said, most of them are preparing to continue the “endless summer” elsewhere. We start off with some Bavariarra Negra Dark, a Costa Rican favorite and continue small talk. Before you know it, the smell of barbequed beef fills the air and Hanir walks around with tasting of the beef. Twenty minutes later dinner was served. We all scatter around the property and enjoy our meal. A couple more hours go by as the conversations continue and the sun slowly sets. We wrap conversation and exchange contact information. They have invited us back anytime we needed to get away from the turtleness and need to catch up on laundry and a hot bath. In addition they offered our friends and family an awesome discounted rate if they needed a place to stay (DID YOU HEAR THAT FRIENDS?!?)  I will certainly keep this contact in the back pocket.

We travel back down the windy road and head straight to the Flying Scorpion (last meal of the week there). At this point I am already full of all the delicious food. But being an American, I can always find room for food. Afterwards, we head back to the house and I set up my hammock and bug net outside
SIDENOTE: It’s been pretty hot the last couple nights. Instead of waking up in pools of sweat, I decided to get a cool natural breeze and head outside.

I sleep in the hammock for a couple of hours before our late night patrol. The Germans, Matt, and I head to beach and walk north. As we approach the far north end, we walk across a couple of fake tracks. I am seeing this as a new trend that either locals/poachers are trying to play on us. However, there tracks are easy to spot as sea turtle tracks are more messy and have larger indents in the ground as there is more mass moving around (rather a stick and the heal of a shoe).  We continue walking and stumble apon an actual nest. YESSSS. We follow the tracks up the beach. False Crawl. BOOOO. We continue patrolling the beach, with out any luck. Sleep

Food:  Steak, Fish Tacos, and Spaghetti
Animals: Crabs, dogs, Ants

Something I am thankful for: People who are willing to take you in and give you a break from reality.
Something I don't want to admit: While at the hatchery site today, a younger boy, about 7 years in age, was asking everyone if they had a pocket knife on them in hopes to play with a coconut.

Days of Rain: 9/18
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 258

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