Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 2 - FLL>FLL

Date: 7/2/12
Start: Ft. Lauderdale Airport
End: Ft. Lauderdale Airport

Word of the Day: Castellano - Used by the Spanish for the word Spanish Language (even though it sounds very Italian

We departed the plane around 6:20am this morning at Ft. Lauderdale. My Layover was supposed to last only 4 hours... As we near boarding time (10am), we were informed that the flight was delayed until 1:45pm. PSYCH - they informed us 20 mins later that the flight would now only be 40 mins late (10:40 departure time). Knowing that this flight is over-booked by 3 people, I used the power of positive thinking to try to change my fate. Unfortunately that did not work.

After all the people have boarded the flight (in addition to the 2 people that gave up their seats for a later flight, hotel accommodations, gift cards and 2 round trip travel vouchers) I headed back to the ticket agent to get myself scheduled for the next day. In doing so, I was able to keep my bags with the airline so that I did not have the extra responsibility of watching over them the rest of the day and night.

I look for the prime seat (near an outlet, only 3 chairs, and my back to a wall) to pass the time, I work on the HT (HelpingTurtles Campaign) a little Rosetta Stone, and really start reading my Let's Go Costa Rica guide book (Thank you Bobbie and Leagh). Throughout the day, I make light of a "healthy" salad from Nathan's Hot Dog food stand and eventually going back for a cheeseburger and fries later in the night.

After the last flight was boarded for the evening 12:30am, they kick all the remaining people out of the gate area and direct us to the Ticketing counter area (out side security) for the remainder of the night. My natural survival instincts kick in (urbanely adapted) and tell me that I need 1) as many sides of me covered, 2)near a power outlet 3)still in public sight . I find a place adjacent to the ticket counter. Using stations and my rain jacket, I create an angled wall and start to set up shop.

As I pay more attention to my surroundings a group of males (7) of similar age and ethnicity, are at the Spirit Ticket counter complaining and getting louder with each rebuttal. This continues for another 45mins (ending at 1:45am) until the agents where able to put them on a delta flight that same night.

  • Netflix is awesome
  • Outlets are King
  • St. Lauderdale has free Wifi
  • Talkatone (Android App) allows you to use Wifi to make calls to the US for free

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