Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 18 - Breaker

Date: 7/18/12 
Location: Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

Word of the day: Un beso y un abrazo - A hug and a Kiss
Turtle Fact: Baby turtles gender depends on the temperature of the nest. The colder eggs tend to be male and the warmer eggs are the females. When comparing this to the turtles nest, the eggs on the outside are male and the inside (middle of the nest) the are female. It has been known for an entire nest to be of one sex, depending on the average temperature of the beach/season.  

7:30 wake up. Since I was on the early patrol last night, i was partly responsible for making breakfast (YESSSS). Looking at our food supply, I decided to make holey bread/eggs. Essentially this is where you make a hole in the center of toast, crack open an egg in the middle of the toast and cooked it. The breakfast turned out pretty good considering the lack of spices I had to work with. Rumor has it a food supply will be coming within the next couple of days.

After breakfast I look for a little project to work on. I remember the girls (Courtney and Maddie) mentioning that at the end of the rainy season that the hatchery got flooded a couple times with the large tides that came in. So what they did was make small barrier wall in front of the hatchery, facing the beach. Looking at this wall today, I can that it was depleted of the drift wood walls (most likely rotted away or have been for something else). I take a couple strolls along the beach to find some large, sturdy drift wood to help build the walls. I get a shovel a and dig a couple holes as vertical support beams to weave the drift wood through. After working up and sweat and an appetite, it's time for lunch.

After lunch I decide to take a siesta (coma). The afternoon was very chillax - something I am having a slight issue with. The past 17 years has been nothing but structure in my everyday life. There has always been some sort of schedule and goal. Now things are slightly different. Sure we have to save turtles, help the community become more educated and help the environment whenever we can. However there is no schedule or date of completion. So, like anyone trying to make a difference and being proactive, I made a pact with myself to make sure I work on at least one project a day, while living in paradise. Nuff said.

Before you know it it's dinner time. Eat. Siesta. Patrol.

I Patrol with Matt and Alfredo (younger brother of Wilson, another local turtle lover and Tico). He speaks little English, so the patrol was not as chatty as the nights past. Luckily Matt is semi fluent in Spanish so he was able to carry on some conversation. I noticed I am able to pick up on the conversation and what the end result of the story was, but not the specific details. Every now and then I would ask Matt what a key word was in order to make sense of the conversation. As we walk, all we find is large drift wood, whose shadows mimic mini monsters in the night. No turtles, no tracks. Sleep.

  • Water is very destructive
  • Depending on the time of year, the ocean will build beaches, bring tons and tons of sand on beach and will also take it away that quickly.

Food: Eggybread with hole
Animals: Crabs, Squirrel, Dogs 

Something I am thankful for: Being raised the way I was. Thanks Joe and Christine
Something I don't want to admit: Today as I was walking to lunch, I accidently dropped my phone on the ground and cracked the screen on my HTC Rezound. FML

Days of Rain: 7/15
Total Turtle Eggs I have saved: 258

Breakfast I helped make


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