Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 12 - Watch It

Date: 7/12/12

Start: Playa Blanca, Puerto Jimenez
End: Playa Blanca, Puerto Jimenez

Word of the day: reloj - Watch

Turtle Fact:  Some turtles are smart. Sometimes turtles will make a fake nest and then nest their eggs in a different location to out smart their predators!

I need to remember to set my alarm... I wake up without it's assistance at 7:30. Not to shabby. This is going to be my last in Playa Blanca and tomorrow was going to be Shay's last day too. With that said, we all head into Puerto Jimenez to tool around for a bit and pick up supplies. It takes about a 45min bus ride to get there (about $4). While there we grab some ice cream, lunch, and a couple of other items. I got myself a cheapy watch (Ray don't get mad) as I will not always have a way to tell time (for documenting turtle stuff). To be honest it's been a while since my fossil watch (circa high school) and it feels odd wearing it. We will see if it lasts.

While in town we meet some of Ricardo's friends that are part of his volunteer group. They happen to be working with a different program where they will walk along the beach to collect turtle eggs (which I will be doing in a couple of days). So like any interested person, I ask a million questions to see what I have in store for myself.

We head back and arrive just before dinner. We were supposed to clean the boat when we got back, but it was already too dark out... not we have to do it tomorrow. CORRECTION they will have to do it tomorrow. :) Even with a semi-full stomach I was able to scarf down the fish soup that was made (and of course rice and beans). After dinner I start the packing process and bond with the crew a little more before hitting the hay (or really old, foam mattress). Sleep

  • Ice Cream tastes great in different countries
  • A large towns consist of a 5 block stretch of stores down a single dirt road.

Food: plátano con el carmel
Animals: Dogs,  

Something I am thankful for: Having a means of transportation (my bike, public transit, or a friend with a car) to travel to a near by (within 5 miles) to get anything and everything I would need on a daily basis

Something I don't want to admit: The ant problem did not go away completely and I think I have packed them with me for San Jose... 

Days of Rain: 6/9 - No rain again. My lucky day!

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