Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 11 - Hotel California

Date: 7/11/12

Start: Playa Blanca, Puerto Jimenez
End: Playa Blanca, Puerto Jimenez

Word of the day: Cante - Sing
Turtle Fact:   These ancient creatures have been on Earth for more than 100 million years — even surviving the dinosaurs when they became extinct 65 million years ago.

Pretty standard morning. Peaceful walk, breakfast, relax. As we prepare to have a boat cleaning day (clean the inside and scrub off algae off the bottom) we learn that the research boat was going to be used for a fishing trip for some campers (a way for Widecast/Camping Luciernaga make $). Cleaning post-poned, YES!

We take advantage of this time and use it to for a round 2 of forest adventuring (in hopes to actually see a monkey). During our travel we take a different path that spits us out to a couple of random mango trees. At this point in my life, I have never actually seen a mango tree.

SIDETRACK - If I had a crystal ball and knew where I would retire/raise a family right now, I would totally invest in that land and start planting fruiting trees. I always imagine myself with a back/front yard FILLED with all sorts of exotic and domestic trees/bushes/plants bearing fruit. Knowing that it takes a while to get these going, I would want to start now, or even five years ago.

Learning very quickly the ripe mangoes are actually on the ground and not on the tree, I look for the non  wormed, bruised badly mangoes (which are plentiful). I easily devour two instantly and ignore the fact that my hands and face are sticky beyond belief. Poor shirt.

We continue our journey. More spiders, tree crabs and termite... not monkeys. At this point we return back for lunch. We have the afternoon to ourselves, which for me was falling into a food coma in a hammock right after lunch, followed by working out (third world style) and a nice cool down swim. By this time it's dinner and there is talk of heading to a local establishment for some cocktails and some cards.

We fulfill the rumors and manage to continue on to a bar that had Karaoke (same place I was dancing earlier in the week). Ricardo got on the mic right away and proved that "ACDC ain't got $hit on him" - he really does have an awesome rock screaming voice. Axle Rose would be happy. Since they did not have a karaoke book to flip through I wrote down a bunch of songs down on a napkin for the DJ to look up. They had to go six songs down my list before they had one: Hotel California. I delivered the goods. Bueno.

SIDENOTE: Hotel California, the hotel which this song is about, is actually in Baja Mexico (Todos Santos). I saw it once upon a time. Fact.

After we listen to a couple of our friends sing (and some that are not our friends, but can clearly butcher a song as easily) we head back home. Sleep.

  • Ants show no mercy
  • Costa Ricans like Karaoke too.
  • You always forget how good fruit actually tastes until someone cuts you a piece.

Food:  Fish/Coconut Soup
Animals: Fire Ants, Tucan, Wasps 

Something I am thankful for: This is a new section I am adding. I have realized that throughout my trip, I have thought to myself several times of all the things I am thankful for that are usually taken for granted.

Something I don't want to admit: Fire Ants. Small, look harmless and pack a punch/bite. Firey little guys. Being a fat guy trapped in a midsize body, I always carry snacks around just for peace of mind. Well in the middle of the day, I went  into  my back pack (which I have not gone into since I have arrived in Osa and settled down) to grab my chaptstick - P.S. there is no right way for a male to put on chapstick. Well after feeling around the middle section of my bag for 3 seconds, I rip my hand out of my bag and start cursing in Spanish (you know that is a good sign your learning the language). I see a "handful" of little ants on the back of my hand. I slap them against my pants (only causing them to now bite my legs) in hopes to kill them. Eventually I KILLED each one. After calming down a bit, I emptied out my bag (see photo album "Random") and quickly found the cause.  

Days of Rain: 6/8 - No rain, more bugs 

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