Here we go...

We (James the roommate) leave "Man Camp" (our Redondo home) and head to Tripel in Marina Del Ray, CA. On the way and he gets a little sentimental and expresses "usually only old wise men say things like this, but I'm proud of you...".

We enjoy a great American tapas style dinner (dates, chicken sausage, clams/muscles, turkey pastrami, octopus, potato dumplings and biscuits with Allison (other roommate) and Monica.

After dinner, James drops me off at the airport and proceed to the Spirit Ticket Counter. Originally I only had bought a 1 way ticket as I have no idea what will happen 4 months from now. However the ticket agent would not print my boarding pass as the Costa Rica Government only sees that I don't plan on leaving their country - which is a no no. After buying a Faux ticket (keeping in mind I flying via a buddy pass, but still need to pay for taxes, handling, etc) I head to the security line.

I get my stuff semi-searched as a baton like image appeared on the screen. This just happened to be my expandable extension to my camera/GoPro mount. After security uncovers the baton, they pack my bag back up and send me on my way.

I get to my gate, and find that there is room on the flight -YES. Once boarded I find a seat and sit down. Not even 30 seconds later there is a couple of passengers fighting about someone being in the others seat. At that point I realized I was not on Southwest - YIKES. I look down at my ticket and then back up at my seat # - PHEW - I randomly picked my assigned seat.

I sat in the middle (horrible for 5 hour flights) between two average size people. Having awkwardly slept on and off, a soar neck and thirsty, a break down and buy a water for $3 - boy did I miss Southwest Airlines right about then. (Rookie mistake - I had my Nalgene but neglected to fill it up after the security check point)